Friday, October 5, 2012

Hair Care Shampoos

Im done using these stuffs and sad to say that it dont works for me, i still have hair falls and my hair frizz to damage!

I am now using Clean and Clear for a couple of weeks and thinking to try Rejoice Rich when my present shampoo comes empty. Im still observing for some changes will clean and clear may bring, yet i still finding out if it is just same to my other shampoos I have tried... but lets see then... ^_^

head and shoulders does moisture hair make my hair bit shiny but taggle back my hair by afternoon...

Vatika makes my hair bit drying thou it can fix hair  damage i guest coz it does bring back my hair tone maybe because of the aloe vera????

Loreal is good but it do lots of hair fall... :(

Pantene makes my hair strands thin and wavy!

Rate: all 3/5

Please share to me your best shampoo ever... comment me here, thanks. ^_^

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Sophie Kluge Lipstick in Pink Angel

Sophie Martin Kludge Moisture Lipstick in Pink Angel Shade
- its like a rose pink peachy pink something ^_^
- with mild baby powder scent
- no need to use lipbalm or lipgloss
- last upto 4-6hrs
- not too pigmented as matte lipsticks does but it last long than other moisture lipstick do.
- do not chap lips
- leaves moisture to lips
- the casing!
Cost: Php120.00
Where to buy? Sophie Martin Shop or to Resellers
Rate: 5/5
Will I recommend? Yes
Have you tried sophie kluge lipstick already? Share  yours here tru comment. ^_^

Sophie Kluge Lipstick in Sister Pink

Sophie Martin Kludge Moisture Lipstick in Sister Pink Shade
- light pink
- glossy
- with mild baby powder scent
- no need to use lipbalm or lipgloss
- can be use as lipgloss ^_^
- last upto 2-3hrs
- not pigmented as other shades does
- the casing!
Cost: Php120.00
Where to buy? Sophie Martin Shop or to Resellers
Rate: 5/5
Will I recommend? Yes
Have you tried sophie kluge lipstick already? Share  yours here tru comment. ^_^
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Daily Skin Care Routine

This is how I take good care of my skin...

When i was a kid my mom uses petrollium jelly for my whole body including my face and still am using it when i grew up.

As years go by... many different products been invented by dermatologists like moisturizers, creams,liquids and gels for the face and oils and lotions for the body. Ofcourse I tried using some such ponds, sophiemartin, myraE, garnier, olay, origins, aveeno, nuskin, celeteque, etc. But still I used to go back using petrollium jelly, hehe. I dont know but it keeps me really pampering.

till I tried LaMer moisturizing soft gel and the cream. It was like petrollium jelly thou its not! LOL!

Now I find alternate moisturizer for my skin. Whenever my LaMer get empty... I go back to petrollium jelly! And Whenever I have budget again... I uses LaMer more often.
...but right now, my LaMer is empty so I have to go back to petrollium jelly, ciz my skun need to be moisture doh!

Oh well... whatever moisturizer is present, here's my blog still and Im ready and willing to share it with you my blogger and reader friends. ;p

Hope my post helps. ^_^

Btw, my skin type is sensitive and dry.

FYI: just a dub of petrollium jelly or LaMer not the usual dose of other moisturizers when applying on the face.

Have a happy reading and Godspeed! ^_^

Additional Info for products I use and the alternates:
-soap: safeguard/cyleina/nuskin
-moisturizer: vaselline/apollo petrollium jelly/LaMer
-powder: pigeon/markandspencer/enfant/j&j
-lipbalm: rosebud salve/blistex/burtsbees/maybelline

Have a great day! (",)

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


My husband surprize me with this two kicks sneakers. ^_^

He buy me pink and green with different size, LOL!

He told me he just base sa hand nya na isang dangkal. Since he cant decide which size to choose... he buy the both size... 39 for the pink and 40 for the green, LOL!

But its okey, both size fits perfect in me and i like it. ^_^

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Miss Beauty Liquid Liner

Quick Dry
with soft thin brush
rubberized like everbilena liquidliner
semi-shiny but not too glossy as everbilena liquid liner does.
Can easily remove using oil, removable also to water but only when u bit scrub it.
What I like? its not too shiny as everbilena liquidliner does. The brush is so soft and easy to apply. quick dry and longlasting, it dont break/flakes easily.
Why did i always compare it to everbilena liquidliner? Because they have lots of similarity. ;p and I am a EB liquidliner user before... but now I change. ^_^
Which of the two (2) liquidliner is the Best for me? Miss Beauty is!
Will I recommend this? YES!
Rate: 5/5
Cost: PHP75.00
Dont forget to comment me here to share yours!
Have a great day! ^_^
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Nike for SALE

Never been use,
with Box,
Model: 2012 Flywire+Hyperfuse, 2012 Hyperenforcer
Size: 11in US, 10in UK, 45 in EUR, 29 in cm


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Caterpillar for SALE

Second Hand,
used once,
with Box,
Size: 11 in US, 10 in UK, 44 in EUR


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Merrell for SALE

Second Hand,
Just used once,
very fine,
with box,
Size: 10 in US, 9.5 in UK, 44 in EUR

>>> PHP3,000.00

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Excel Paris

Very Longlasting, Unscented, very Matte! and Quick dry!

Its like a oil pastel so I use to call it "Lip Paint" LOL! ^_^

Since it is Matte... expect that it is very lip drying talaga! So better use lip moisturizer before and after applying lipcream on your lips!
...then use a transparent lipgloss for you to appreciate much this lipcream or lippaint. XD

The longlasting effect of this lip paint is amazing!

Take Note!
It doesn't easily erase and cannot remove easily in water...
The best way to remove this lip paint is by using coconut oil or any oil or a lip scrubber. ^_^

This lip cream have 12 shades to collect! EXCEL PARIS 12 shades: 501-Shocking pink (best buyers choice) 502-Fuchsia pink 503-Red Velvet 504-Copper Red (best buyers choice) 505-Wild pink (best buyers choice) 506-Old Rose 507-Bloom pink 508-Pink Violet 509-Hot pink (best buyers choice) 510-Peach orange (best buyers choice) 511-Peachy pink (best buyers choice) 512-Orange (best buyers choice)

To order text/call at:+6325460726 for fast transaction. ^_^

Rate: 4/5
due to NO ingredients indicate XD But in my own opinion... i dont think it have paraben or led because it is not pigmented, it was just like a oilpastel for me or lip paint and nothing to worry about.. and thats one of the reason why i rated this lipcream 4! ^_^

Will I recommend this? YES! Cost: PHP75.00 Dont forget to comment me either positive or negative... Let us know, just share your opinion about these lip creams. ^_^ Have a great day! ^_^

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Miss Beauty Moist Lotion

Cost: PHP150.00 each
Size: 310ml
Type: Pump Bottles already; Milk Variant
Rate: 5/5

Sophie Martin Paris Jadore matte Lipstick (8/10 shades that i love) ^_^

My 8 out of 10 j'adore matte lipstick collection... ^_^
Red Pepper - for LightRed... red as chilli pepper!
Fantastic Red - for reddishBrown or maroon!
Summer Pink - for palePink or LightPink!
Ice Pink - for pinkishViolet or semi purple but pink!
Caramel Sugar - for nude type PinkishBrown!
Cotton Peach - for nude ReddishBrown! (deadstyle effective Oct.6,2012)
Mango Peach - for nude OrangeBrown... light peach!
Velvet Nude - for natural lip tone type... light brown!
Cost: PHP79.00 each
Rate: 5/5
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Friday, July 13, 2012

What's in my Bag? (2012)

Anyways... for this post i will tell you exactly the products/brands and the shades for those who ask and intereste to know. ^_^

Paxenxa na... I'm not a very sossy person if u're expecting me using very expensive brands.
Maybe yeah... "BEFORE!" pero aanuhin ko nman ang super expensive brands kung meron din nman pla unexpensive brands that will fit me. ;p
"practically speaking..." and besides... "simple things can please me", simpleng tao lang din po ako. ^_^

FYI: I always bring band aid... not bcoz im kindda clumsy but im scared of bloody hell deep wounds! onion skin kz ako, ung konting gasgas sa iba nagiging sugat kgad pgsakin nangyari. (Ex. madali akong masugatan sa ID... kya usually ung ID ko nung school days and working days nkaClip sa damit nde nka lace. lol.

Oh well...

>>>Here I go:

* MakeUp Organizer
* Bath&BodyWorks PocketBac in Japanese Cherry Blossom
* Cards: Health card, Timezone card, Sophie card, Dental card, Comelec card, SM Advantage card and BDO Smart Money Card.
* Davies Gate Quince Hydrating Lotion
* Fluocinonide Ointment for skin allergy
* L'oreal UV Perfect spf50 cream (transparent skin)
* Evian Brumisateur facial spray 150ml
* All Organics Sesuo pain & itch relief balm
* Nature's Plus Herbal actives optifresh breath gels
* Clean&Clear oil control firm
* Mediplast plastic strips
* Pastilles Valda menthol
* 4U2 Glitz 2 color eyeshadow no.12 & no.14
* Manaog
* ome pole chain
* Pigeon white
* Rosebud salve balm original
* Clinique super powder 02 matte beige
* Everbilena body shimmer in gold
* perfume Romance
* ballpen
* Everbilena eyeliner black
* HBC eyebrow shaper handy blade
* Saisen hair styler stick
* Ox horn haircomb
* Careline smoothing eye stick cream
* Everbilena lidliner black and glitterry gold
* Careline lipgloss no.104
* Maybelline old lipbalm strawberry
* Maybeline new baby lips lipbalm
* Kiehl's lipgloss golden berry
* Kiehl's lipbalm #1 spf4
* Sophie Martin magic pink cream
* Sophie Martin J'adore matte lipstick SLPC01 cotton peach
* Sophie Martin Koshize UV moisture lipstick LK1 fuchsia pink & LK10N rasberry mousse
* MAC frost lipstick ramblin rose, rockococo and angel
* Mickey Mouse Disneyland ecobag

...please to consider, include:
* 3 mobile phones ^_^
(smart, globe & sun)


Anne (",)

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jonhson and Johnson in Lavander Baby Lotion

Lavander scent helps baby relax and make them sleep. ^_^

I use this lotion to my baby 2x a week since he is using other brand of lotion as for his daily usage, just to keep him relax with a mom touch of massage ofcourse... though i give him massage everyday... there are still couple of days i give him much focus (mch attention) to massage using this lotion.

I use this lavander lotion variant instead of baby oils.

Oil makes them sweat a lot and irritating feeling and sometimes caused of skin problem (burn) if over use.



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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Huggies diaper in Dry Comfort and in Total Protection


Dry Comfort is much absorbent than Total Protection.

Total Protection is much breathdable and much detailed than Dry Comfort. It has 1,2,3 adjustable number and a colorful design.

either way... I like Dry Comfort much, than Total Protection.

I use Total Protection as for day time, while I use Dry Comfort at night and whenever we travel. Dry Comfort is 100% absorbable for heavy flow... thou Total Protection is also absorbable but not as Dry Comfort does. :)

...still I like the both red packagings of huggies than the blue one which is the Dry.

Dry is the softest, more cottony diaper but much thinner among the two.

Huggies diapper is available in all stores nationwide or shall i say worldwide. ^_^



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Maybelline Lipbalm

this is the new lipbalm (baby lips), Php79.00 each, available in all SM and drugstores nationwide. with spf20. this lipbalm has a yummy toothy fruity flavors in 4. mine is the yummier scent, lol!

i just bought it Php71.00 at SM Watsons. ^_^

the different between this new lipbalm to the previous lipsbalm is it doesnt have a shade of color. ^_^



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Sophie Martin Body Butters

Copacobana to whiten and Strawberry to moisture skin.

Copacobana, Php350.00

Strawberry, Php160.00

available to all resellers.  ^_^

RATE: 5/5

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EverBilena disposable beauty kits

eyebrows blade and eyeshadow applicator



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Vandal Pastilles

soft jelly pastilles candy coated with sugar free powder sugar? get me? lol.

can help relief caugh and sore throat

it has 2flavor: the original mint and lemon

available in any drugstore nationwide, worth Php127.00



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Pigeon loose powder

blue is unscented

pink is scented

sorry i forgot the price... but as i remember, it is above Php100.



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Oral Care

Toothpaste: Sanfluo

Toothbrush: BabyFlo

this toothpaste have 3flavors: orange, strawberry and grapes. it is flouride free so it is safe for babies... no worry if they do swallow while you clean their mouth and tongue. ^_^

available in all leading drugstores nationwide.

sanfluo toothpaste is worth Php90+

this brand also have toothbrush

babyflo toothbrush is worth Php60+

my rate to both item and product:


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Nasal Pump

from babyflo. to help baby breath when they have a cold... because usually pedia dont recommend babies from 0-3months a nasal drops yet.

i cant remember the exact price but as i recall it is less than Php100



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Kool Fever

for high temperature. this can help lessen flu/fever.

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Calpol and Tempra both paracetamol, with same effect but in different brand.

tempra drops have 2flavors: orange and grapes

calpol drops only have 1flavor: orange

tempra syrup has 3: orange, strawberry and grapes

calpol syrup has 2: orange and strawberry

when my son was less than 1yr he prepare calpol drops than tempra drops.

when my son turns 1yr upto now, he much prepare tempra syrup than calpol or tempra drops itself... maybe because tempra drops is much bitter than syrup and calpol has grained powder and he hates taking it anymore though calpol is sweeter than tempra syrup. ^_^

(Note: better to consult a doctor whats right for your baby/s)

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Cherifer, Clusivol and Growee, please also include Propan... I already trashed the box when we travel.

growee was given when my son is 0-8mo.

closivol was given when he was in 10-12mo.

cherifer or propan given when he turns 1yr, but we prepare cherifer coz he hate the taste of propan.

4 different multivitamins in different brands, same effects.

(Note: dont just try vitamins to your baby/s unless the doctor recommend it so! better to consult a doctor for a right prescribed intakes.)

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Natravox and Clovimax both antibiotic.

no differences between the two, just the brand.

my pedia prescribed clovimax for my son and unexpected that it was out of stock so i call our pedia if there is another antibiotic she can refer and she told us this natravox instead.

(Note: better to consult a doctor before giving your baby any antibiotics)

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Mucosolvan and Expel are for those who have caugh.

my son was given 2 different ambroxol. mucosolvan given when he was in 11months and expel when he was in 1yr-2mo.

actually there is no difference between the two.

same effect but in different brand.

(Note: Better to consult doctor to give your baby a right touch of care)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I was so confused what will gloww give...

I was attempt to buy 4box (120capsules), good for 2months! as for the ads indication.

(sorry if i already trashed my other 3boxes and the paperbag). well atleast I still have my last empty box with me, ended up drinking the last capsule just for  tonight. ^_^

...what can i say to the result drinking gloww for 2months straight?


...nothing changed!

some said: they dry up their pimples, making skin glow and radiant, there hair comes shinier, they look much younger, they feel protected under the sun and norished their skin caused by sun damage, helps them sleep better... etc. etc.

...for me: its a waste of money! really! honestly speaking.

look... each capsule cost Php25.70 each and you have to drink 2x daily after meal, this is actually available in any drugstore nationwide.

well, i could say that, much better to drink myra400e than this one!

at myra400e, you can see a better result of having radiant, blooming, smoother, younger skin... giving better result inner and out. ^_^

to give you info:

gloww is not a whitening tablet. so if you want to have a whitter skin this is not what you are looking for because it is a dietary supplement help detoxify skin waste and enhance blood circulation.

why did i use this? because i want to have much younger looking skin and since it help blood circulation... i want to have better sleep due to low blood i have... i was then suffered for insomnia.

as i use gloww... the only good effect this gloww brought to me is that, this makes my vowel regular and whenever i am direct to sunlight, i never feel the heat of direct sunrise, i feel like i am wearing uv and spf protection. ^_^ (thats it!)

before using gloww... i have sort (3zit) of pimple on my head covered in my hair... and it is still there! lol.

(so dont just believe whose saying gloww is the best therapy drying it!)

well i could see that maybe because they spend lots of money and so they want you guys too to spend lots of money just what they did and it was so happened to me... :(  lol. I easily believe on others feedbacks and since i never heard bad result and more on possitive reviews... mukhang sakin mag-uumpisa ung negative feedback sa product, hahaha! well... sorry... I'm just an ordinary person who just wanted to try it out to see the real result it bring... Ayaw ko mag lie sa result, bloggers need to know the real result kya un ang gagawin ko. ^_^

mmm... this is just my own opinion regarding to the product based on my experience. I never said that this would be also the result you can get, but you will never tell unless you tried one to yourself. maybe this product dont worked on me but worked to them. ^_^

how about you? have you tried this products already?

what can you say about the effect? share me yours. ^_^

Have a great day blogwalkers and readers!

My Rate to product:


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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jadore MATTE Lipsticks 8/10 shades i loved to keep! ^_^

why only 8 and not 10?

keep reading my blog and i'll tell you why...

thou i love them all... i still have to choose the best shades for me... for keeps. ^_^

for keeps for me means can be use as my daily or occassionally but not the word itself "keep", hahaha!

i  just dont like the two colors for me... thou ofcourse others like it... you cant blame me for that nor force me to like the two... but atleast i dont hate them... its just that... the two shades left doesnt fit me. maybe not the right shades. wearing the two makes me look too matured. ^_^

Let me show you first my 8 shades and why i like them...

1. red pepper

2. ice pink

3. mango peach

4. velvet nude

5. fantastic red

6. summer pink

7. cotton peach

8. caramel sugar

read my previews post regarding the 4 nude shades the nos. 3, 4, 7 and 8, for more info.


#1 red pepper, its a light red. reflected as red-orange and great to use occassionally. this shade is also same to shade of my koshize rasberry mousse. though i have my koshize with me, i still buy this shade due to low price. koshize is 160 while j'adore is only 79. the only diff is that... koshize have UV. but i love to keep them both. ^_^

#2 ice pink, its a pinkViolet combo and makes me look 3-5yrs younger than my age. ^_^ can even use occassionally.

#5 fantastic red, its a maroon. not too red, not too light but not too dark. it has a mixed color of brown, but still... it reflected red.


#6 summer pink, its a pale pink. makes me feel like a teenager who loves to wear pink, hahaha! ^_^


the two shades i didnt buy is:

- russian red, dark red or deep red

- red wine, redViolet

as i mentioned earlier... whenever i try to wear the two.... both makes me look too matured. x.X

thou i saw others who wearing the both shades and it looks great to them, i'm not attempt to have them still. ;p maybe it works for them to look pretty, but not for me.



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Sophie Martin Jadore (matte) Lipsticks (The 4 nude lippies)

(photos taken from mobile phone with 2mega pixel)

- velvet nude

- caramel sugar

- mango peach

- cotton peach

velvet nude is a nude brown... it looks very natural to lips. if you want to look simple then this is the nice lippy to choose among the 4. good for indoor and for everyday shade to wear. (stay on lips 2-4hrs)

caramel sugar is a nude pink... perfect shade for a rainy season. (stay on lips 4-6hrs)

mango peach is a nude orange... perfect match for summer. (stay on lips 3-4hrs)

cotton peach is a nude red... can be use outdoor, but not great for occassions. the shade reminds me of koshize coral stone shade which is already paste out... that is why im loving this shade. (stay on lips 4-8hrs)


If you have a darker lips and want to make your look natural... dont use velvet nude. use mango peach instead.

If you have 2 toned lips or does have dark lip lines and want to make your lips look natural... u can use velvet nude to tone your lips lively natural looking.

If you have a pinkish lips:

velvet nude will look light brown

mango peach will reflect orange/peach

caramel sugar will be pale pink

cotton peach will look red on you


j'adore lipstick is "MATTE" so if you have a very drying lips... much better to use lipbalms first before putting on some lipsticks. thou it has a moisture touch... it is still matte.



due to long lasting color stay, it isnt obvious that i have a dry lips while wearing the lipsticks. ^_^

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Dove Intense Repair Damage Therapy Hair Treament

night treatment hair damage repair is fluid type,

Non-greasy, not oily, dries fast,

Don't leave any stain,

smells good, mild scent last long,

Making hair soft, shiny and manageable after treatment,

Does add volume and helps untangled hair.

You'll never feel head burning/hot or irritated all night.

I love and like it! ^_^

Will I recommend this? YES

Cost: Php390.00

Where: Malls and drugstores

Rate: 5/5

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miss Beauty Eye Volumizer (2in1)


It is quick dry and waterproof!

Black only available!

easy to apply, very friendly to carry!

For ONLY Php90.00 each

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Advanced Mascara Duo

I though the white one is transparent, hahaha!

It was real white! (see picture attached)

It is semi sticky or shall I call it rubberized and flexible?

This makes the eye lashes looks longer... it is a cheat base applicator, hahaha! (see attached picture)

The brushes both silicon and its firm... can easily

apply. Silicon brush is very soft and gentle/smooth to


The Mascara is quick dry. Easy to remove in wet


I haven't tested it yet if it is waterproof coz i never cry

yet wearing it - just kidding! But it is long lasting and

never spread out through out the day.

It does look natural. You can even use the black alone... But if you want... the white too, LOL! ^_^

***ooohw!!! I miss my new riviera blue contact lenses as I did trashed it already due to eye irritation bought to me!***

Anyways... back to mascara,

Will I recommend this? YES


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helpful tips

Too late for me to watch this video...

nwys, atleast i've learned a lesson...

"once you feel uncomfy... throw it out!" ^_^

My quote for now is...

("It's not in the solution... its in the lenses u r wearing!")

see my post about EO in riviera blue, emotions. (",)

CIAO! ^_^

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4U2 in Glitz and Fashion21

I don't know how to put eye shadows yet to make it look more gorgeous but I could say that the shades are totally cute! and i like them!

It really depends on the person how thick or thin the shades may apply. And how will it combined...

I would defenitely recommend this products to everyone...

I don't know how it cost bcoz these are my husband gifts to me last valentines day. He told me he ask the sales ladies if what shades the other sales lady is  wearing coz it looks nice at her and he said to them that If my wife will wear the shade that girl wearing... surely she will look more lovely and prettier. (Naks! Merong ganun!) He added that he is looking for a set of eyeshadows pra daw I have lots of choices to choose from at pwede ko mabagayan sa mga sinusuot ko... untill he noticed the color of 1 of the sales ladies eyeshadows kz dw pansinin ung kulay kaya tinanong nya kgad if wgat product is she wearing.. till he find out it was 4u2 cosmetics nga... and sad to know that 4u2 products only have 2shades and a 4shades per set... and thou they referred him to "fashion21" the only product with lots of colors (48shades per set)... he still buy the "4u2 glitz" coz he likes it on me and can't wait to see me wearing it... Naiimagine nya dw ako if ako ang may suot nun. (aaaaawwwhhh...)

...since I have lots of colors to choose... i can't wait to make a try and do mix and mixed and match to combine a nice shades. (if what shades are good for daily and occassional, hihihi!)

Hope you enjoy my match play... "practice ito!!!"

And Hope to hear from you what advices and suggestions you can give to me. ^_^

All are unscented and easy to apply.

I've tried to wet the applicator and still the shades are fine... nde nmn ngbubuo-buo nung nabasa, hahaha... testing ko lng nmn na if basahin ko eh kakapal ung application... it works nman, hehehe!

(Parang water color lang na nilalaro divah! Hihihi!) ;p

I rate the products: 5/5

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Saizen Headband

Jelly type headband cost Php85.00 only! ^_^

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Hearts Day 2012

Sorry for the very late post...

Here's the gifts We (Me and My Son) received from My Husband (His Dad) hehe... ^_^

We Love You Dad and Thank You!

Well I guest i have to practice putting eyeshadow and mixing colors, hahaha!

Alam ko lng 1shade...

Sanay kz ako lipstick lng ginagamit ko as my eyeshadow eh. :D

But I am practicing now and meron n ko ilang combinations n ginagawa. ^_^

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Bangs and Curly ^_^

I cut my hair and put bangs last March 1, 2012 for the exact date, hahaha!!!

Wla lng! Trip ko lng! Uso kz ngayong 2012...

Nakiki-IN lang! ^_^


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Dove damage therapy in flexible hold hairspray

New dove hairspray damage therapy also have unscented.

But mine wants scented! ^_^

I think it has 3 kinds or 2??? I can't remember...

I choose flexible hold cause it said "with natural movement" and "conditions while you style".

I want my hair to look firm and bounces natural.

This hairspray is the mildest "i guess".

It's like a mild spraynet that holds your hair style keeping away to dullness.

I like the way it smells.

I love the way this dove hairspray managed my hair style. It is long-lasting hold. It dries quicky and not sticky like other hairsprays.

How do I use it?

Well... mejo baliktad sa nakagawian.

If others do style their hair 1st before using any hairspray... Then... I'M THE OPPOSITE! >:)

I spray it all over my hair then brush! Then style my hair what I want! hahaha! ^_^

this product is available at any SM nationwide!

Prize is closer to Php200.00

Rate: 5/5


...and oooh! for those who asked,

I buy my hair curler at greenhills...

I can't remember the exact price but it ranges to Php150 to Php200 something like that!

binili ko na! mura eh atleast khit masira ok lng... and para meron nmn ako mabili dun!

We went there just for my laptop and cellphone mura lang daw kz mgpagawa dun (suggested from a friend). But as i mentioned on one of my previous post... my laptop's motherboard is too pricey!!! Well atleast ung cellphone ko nagawa kz grounded daw "nabasa ung malapit sa charging" - (yeah right! My son always grab my phone... he always leave saliva in the mouthpiece then throw it out the bed, uuuuurgh!!!!!) And while waiting nakalibot p kmi ng family ko dun... kso bored anak ko dun... matao pa sobra! Sa sobrang crowded mainit na dun. x.X (Ang kwento ko na!) 'till here! ^_^

CIAO! (",)

Rate for the hair curler: 5/5

mukhang matibay nmn... ^_^

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

pasalubong from Bohol

A friend of mine: "tin" brought me pasalubong...

fresh from Bohol. (",)

I post this just to say:

"Thank You for remembering..." ^_^

for a bit info...

Peanut Kisses is one of Bohol's specialty snack!

I Love how it taste. It's like: kasoy with peanut butter and honey flavor... then very crunchy to chew.

I will rate the snack as best pasalubong 5/5 hehe! ^_^

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EO contact lenses in riviera blue


As I mentioned before...

BLUE isn't goodluck for me!!!

I buy new contact lenses after my old contact lenses get expired by due date.

And as I mentioned also before... whenever I buy contact lenses... I always making it 2pairs... but right now I don't buy same color, hahaha!

I buy 2 different colors: blue and brow

(riviera blue and henna brown)

I was so excited to wear the blue coz i don't want to keep in mind that blue is not a lucky color for me "just for my charming eyes" YET!!! IT IS NOT LUCKY!!! :'(

My eyes get dry every hour, then ang dami magmuta!!!

The only solutions i bought with me is my ALCON.

So i use the free solution instead using mine.

I use the (FREE) "Neo Plus" eye care solution...

But still keeps my eyes too drying!!!

I took off my contact lenses and relax my eyes for few minutes then wear it again... i just thought it was my tiry eyes keeping my contactlenses too dry all the time.

Until 2hrs later... my left eye got lots of mucus??? Its like a bad bacteria and not just an ordinary na muta lng noh! Daig ko pa metong sore eyes sa pagmumuta!

My eyes never get sore either red... but keeping it too dry gives me lots of mucus which is annoying! Makes my vision more blurd!

So I try to buy another eye solution... maybe sa solution ung problem kz New lang ung contactlenses ko to think un ang may mali...

I buy: "Solo Aqua Care" eye solution!

waaaaaaaaah!!! Nothing's change!!! :'(

I ask my shobe (youngest sister) if she already experience annoying kindda like mine... coz I never been into it since I got my 1st ever try wearing a contactlenses. As in... for almost 12years??? Yup! I was highschool when i started wearing contactlenses in clear. ;p I never felt like this! x.X

Untill she told me to trash it out maybe its an old stock already! Whhhhhhaaaaaat?????? But i just bought It a month ago!

she ask me 1st if i buyed colored or clear! Then she follows... if thats colored then look closer to your contactlenses as you wearing them. If the color printed isn't that too perfect to view then thats an old stock already! And if the contactlenses does hurt your eyes or itchy to wear then it has a damage.

She also added: I know EO doesnt have warranty but as i do remember if they do have... warranty its only good for a month "IF" you buy a 1year to expired.

She also said... I already experienced like that to EO before sis and thats the reason why I changed to freshlook instead. o.O (mura kz EO eh... kya dun ko trip bumili para 2pairs kagas mbili ko... huhuhu! Malay ko bang sumasablay pla EO... Eh since then freshlook nmn tlga ako... kado kz lumalaki eyeballs ko dun eh... mmm...)

Ooooh! Ooohw!!! I Look for my receipt immediately and find out that I'm...  3days... OVER... Ohww... sayang...! Pero dbali meron p ko isa... back to henna brown lenses... ^_^

Btw, i buy my contactlenses at SM MEGAMALL EO optical. :(

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

MAC (such flare, runaway, scatlet ibis) Red Lipsticks

Red Shades really is cute. ^_^

Sorry for the pixel... taken only in my cellphone...

my digicam was stolen a week ago in my backpack bag and i know it is my fault too bcoz of being careless to my things. I put my digicam at my jansport backpack bag and i never knew that it is possible that someone can open my bag and took the gadgets inside while crossing the road. "Wala tlga impossible sa mga magnanakaw!" Ganda ng mga suot nla very formal. 3 ladies took my digicam. Sila lang kasabay ko tumawid sa road... nung nsa middle way n kmi... i heard the other one said: "ay! girls, i forgot something... balik tyo sa dorm" so i thought students cla kya i don't mind them nung tumawid sila pabalik sa kabilang road! Shit! Modus Operandi lng pla un pra nde mapansing may ginagawa silang miracle! When i'm already on the other side of the road and while walking... someone told me: "excuse po... bukas po ung bag nyo". Then... UN NA YUN!

Anyways... forgive the shades it reflected... they all look the same pero magkakaiba sila. I'll tell nlng the diffences...

Such Flare is like red with wine... red and purple like.

Runaway is very red or light red.

Scarlet Ibis is redorange... it's like a combi of Morange and Runaway shade.

All the red shades i shown u stays 4-6hrs on the lips and i love it!

It shines perfect and very smooth to apply.

I recommend MAC for every woman who loves cosmetic and even for those who have sensitive nose. ^_^


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Monday, February 20, 2012

Longchamp (Authentic/Genuine) in Plain

I just want to show mine too as sample. ^_^

It was requested also by a friend last october2011 pa... sorry for the very delay post... my laptop's motherboard was crushed last sept2011 because my son accidentally fall a sit over my laptop and my laptop suddenly turns off. We bought to pro-technicians and get 2nd opinion already. Motherboard cost Php18k-22k. :D

Oooh well better if we'll buy a new one than spending big money just for a motherboard! x.X

In that price we can buy brandnew mini notebook or a brandnew laptop again!!! Well... i guest kaya mahal ung motherboard because we have the biggest laptop kasi, hahaha! >:)

thank goodness there's an application where i can post new post for my blog and now i'm using blogger for android, credited P190.37 at android market. ^_^ though I'm not satisfied with the features but it does help me to post again to update. (",)



Fake and Class-A uses synthetic leather that they used on replica LC's, it is not oxidizing, soft and smells like rubber... Unlike authentic LC's which are hard, oxidizing and has real leather smell.

Since genuine LC's uses real cowhide leather that oxidize, it turns into honey patina over time.

(Genuine) Authentic LongChamps available in our onlineshop!

Don't fool your self buying fake if you can buy Authentic! ^_^

A 100% (genuine) authentic longchamps available in low price! Only in our Shop!!!

So beware of fakes roaming to other online sellers!

Don't forget to visit our online shop, ok!

Happy Shopping! Thank You and God Bless! ^_^

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