Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dog Stuffs

I buy my pet (female, German Shepherd, 6months old) new collar again.

All this muffy products available at SM Supermarket nationwide.

everyweek I buy her this bone toy/food... for her teeth.

...well i guest Im needing a diaper soon now coz shes already 6months exact last Jun.17th and still dont have the menstation.

uurgh! I dnt know how to handle my pets situation by that... hope no swing mode do'h!!!

she's my 1st dog and Its a gift actually.

...I'll be posting some dog stuffs i have for her.

By the way, My GSD Name is "Zsa-Zsa" ^_^


How about you?
Do you own a dog too?
If your first dogs gender is female or if you owned female k9 type dogs, please share to me your experiences and give me some good tips and best advices what else to expect to my pet.

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Maybelline BB or Blemish Balms

yaaaaayh!!! x.X

This is my FIRST TIME of using a BB and guest what!?

I buy the two different BBs of Maybelline at the same time! Crazy? I know right!!!

Im just curious about BBs trending going on youtube and yes!!! I did a deep researches about BBs and I find out that majority of them uses "Maybelline" hahaha!!!

Well anyhow... I did a self-review of how am I going to use it both untill I find out that both product works good, hoooray! ^_^

Two kinds of BB:

1. Cream

2. Stick

BB Stick

BB Cream

The 8-Benefits of both BB's


both non-greasy, very smooth, easy to blend, both have spf & both looks very natural on skin.


both makes me look oily after couple of hour (but its okey!) most especially the cream type and really needs to put a loose powder on for a little retouch.

i dont like the tube case of the cream.

i dont like the scent, thou its light/mild. the stick smells like empty bottled plastic while the cream smells like old foundation. *peace ;p


Cream is 3/5

Stick is 4/5

Will I recomend this?

yes. but i suggest to use "both" for better result.

i dont recommend these BBs for those who have oily skin.

combi skin can appreciate the stick type but not the cream one, most likely! or if the combi skin preffer to use both BBs, then it is much better. :)

these maybelline BB products are made for those who have dry and combination skin but not for those who have oily skin. (*sorry for those who have oily skins).

Congrats for those who have dry skin coz any of the BB will works on you.


use both if you have combination skin for better result, but dont use same shades otherwise you'll look cakey.

What I do, How I use it? Why Im using both BBs? and Why using two different shades?

First of all... I have a combination skin (you know! sometimes dry and sometimes normal to oily).

I use "natural-02" skin tone bb cream for my whole face and neck... the natural shade is too dark for me and bit peachy but its okey then after blending a little touch of bb stick. Im using the "fresh-01" shade for ge bb stick on some part of my face such: sides of my mouth, eyebags, lower of my lips inbetween my chin and my T-zone area.

I use both because the cream type blends better than the stick type, while the stick one's usage is to highlight, just like concealer do. XD

I preffer that the cream or liquid type is much darker than my skintone than the stick type, because stick or clay type are good for highlights while creamy or liquid type works better by hiding uneven skintone especially when it blended well on skin, it does better conceals minimizing the pores.

Dont use same shades! otherwise your skintone might look fake or kindda cakey. always use two different shades... a one that is lighter than your skintone such: bb stick, concealer... and another one darker than your skintone such: bb cream, liquid foundation or a tinted moisturizer to contour.

AND... Dont forget to look for a better shade of powder that may match on your skintone. ^_^

How about you?

Have you tried this trending BBs of Maybelline?

Comment and Share yours.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

TRESemme Shampoo

smells very nice
small amount is enough
treat damage hair
smoothens hair

not available in some leading stores


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Schwarzkopf Conditioner

the plastic bottle is friendly to use
with 5x keratin
treat damage hairs
smoothens dry, frizzy hair

small amount is not enough to moisture my hair!
I have a pixie haircut and still needed atleast 1-2 full spoon size amount of conditioner to blend or condition enough my whole hair. can you imagine what if i still have long hair??? how many full spoon amount to be needed to put on??? LOL! :))


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Pixie Haircut

...Sorry for my very late post. Btw this was taken last May 12, 2013 (Mother's Day).

I cut my hair into short, i mean... "short!" as in... "really short".
(Please if you have any violent reaction... Keep it with you for a while and finish reading my post first, lol!)

...I decided to cut my hair as of Mother's Day and donate it to "Locks of Love" since hair will grow soon! besides, its just a hair! ...and I want something different.

Just like Audrey Hepburn's hair style... and taaadaah!!! Now i have it and I like it!!! Audrey is my favorite icon since when i was in grade school. ^_^

Everytime i want my hair this short... I always bring a pictureS (with a capital "S" p-i-c-t-u-r-e-S) of her and show it to my hair stylish which is a real "obssession" to be like Audrey, lol! >:)

So, What can you say about my NEW pixie haircut?

Oh! btw, I colored my hair into "copper red" and it looks more red than a real copper color should be. XD

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nichido Final Powder

My Shade is Ivory Glow
Cost: Php150.00 at all SM nationwide

not too shimmer
doesnt clog pores
cheaper price
not too oily on skin

no sun protection


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Lander Whitening Body Lotion

mild scent
smoothens/moisturized skin
cheap prize

No SPF or any sun protection


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