Friday, March 16, 2012

Dove Intense Repair Damage Therapy Hair Treament

night treatment hair damage repair is fluid type,

Non-greasy, not oily, dries fast,

Don't leave any stain,

smells good, mild scent last long,

Making hair soft, shiny and manageable after treatment,

Does add volume and helps untangled hair.

You'll never feel head burning/hot or irritated all night.

I love and like it! ^_^

Will I recommend this? YES

Cost: Php390.00

Where: Malls and drugstores

Rate: 5/5

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miss Beauty Eye Volumizer (2in1)


It is quick dry and waterproof!

Black only available!

easy to apply, very friendly to carry!

For ONLY Php90.00 each

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Advanced Mascara Duo

I though the white one is transparent, hahaha!

It was real white! (see picture attached)

It is semi sticky or shall I call it rubberized and flexible?

This makes the eye lashes looks longer... it is a cheat base applicator, hahaha! (see attached picture)

The brushes both silicon and its firm... can easily

apply. Silicon brush is very soft and gentle/smooth to


The Mascara is quick dry. Easy to remove in wet


I haven't tested it yet if it is waterproof coz i never cry

yet wearing it - just kidding! But it is long lasting and

never spread out through out the day.

It does look natural. You can even use the black alone... But if you want... the white too, LOL! ^_^

***ooohw!!! I miss my new riviera blue contact lenses as I did trashed it already due to eye irritation bought to me!***

Anyways... back to mascara,

Will I recommend this? YES


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helpful tips

Too late for me to watch this video...

nwys, atleast i've learned a lesson...

"once you feel uncomfy... throw it out!" ^_^

My quote for now is...

("It's not in the solution... its in the lenses u r wearing!")

see my post about EO in riviera blue, emotions. (",)

CIAO! ^_^

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4U2 in Glitz and Fashion21

I don't know how to put eye shadows yet to make it look more gorgeous but I could say that the shades are totally cute! and i like them!

It really depends on the person how thick or thin the shades may apply. And how will it combined...

I would defenitely recommend this products to everyone...

I don't know how it cost bcoz these are my husband gifts to me last valentines day. He told me he ask the sales ladies if what shades the other sales lady is  wearing coz it looks nice at her and he said to them that If my wife will wear the shade that girl wearing... surely she will look more lovely and prettier. (Naks! Merong ganun!) He added that he is looking for a set of eyeshadows pra daw I have lots of choices to choose from at pwede ko mabagayan sa mga sinusuot ko... untill he noticed the color of 1 of the sales ladies eyeshadows kz dw pansinin ung kulay kaya tinanong nya kgad if wgat product is she wearing.. till he find out it was 4u2 cosmetics nga... and sad to know that 4u2 products only have 2shades and a 4shades per set... and thou they referred him to "fashion21" the only product with lots of colors (48shades per set)... he still buy the "4u2 glitz" coz he likes it on me and can't wait to see me wearing it... Naiimagine nya dw ako if ako ang may suot nun. (aaaaawwwhhh...)

...since I have lots of colors to choose... i can't wait to make a try and do mix and mixed and match to combine a nice shades. (if what shades are good for daily and occassional, hihihi!)

Hope you enjoy my match play... "practice ito!!!"

And Hope to hear from you what advices and suggestions you can give to me. ^_^

All are unscented and easy to apply.

I've tried to wet the applicator and still the shades are fine... nde nmn ngbubuo-buo nung nabasa, hahaha... testing ko lng nmn na if basahin ko eh kakapal ung application... it works nman, hehehe!

(Parang water color lang na nilalaro divah! Hihihi!) ;p

I rate the products: 5/5

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Saizen Headband

Jelly type headband cost Php85.00 only! ^_^

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Hearts Day 2012

Sorry for the very late post...

Here's the gifts We (Me and My Son) received from My Husband (His Dad) hehe... ^_^

We Love You Dad and Thank You!

Well I guest i have to practice putting eyeshadow and mixing colors, hahaha!

Alam ko lng 1shade...

Sanay kz ako lipstick lng ginagamit ko as my eyeshadow eh. :D

But I am practicing now and meron n ko ilang combinations n ginagawa. ^_^

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Bangs and Curly ^_^

I cut my hair and put bangs last March 1, 2012 for the exact date, hahaha!!!

Wla lng! Trip ko lng! Uso kz ngayong 2012...

Nakiki-IN lang! ^_^


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Dove damage therapy in flexible hold hairspray

New dove hairspray damage therapy also have unscented.

But mine wants scented! ^_^

I think it has 3 kinds or 2??? I can't remember...

I choose flexible hold cause it said "with natural movement" and "conditions while you style".

I want my hair to look firm and bounces natural.

This hairspray is the mildest "i guess".

It's like a mild spraynet that holds your hair style keeping away to dullness.

I like the way it smells.

I love the way this dove hairspray managed my hair style. It is long-lasting hold. It dries quicky and not sticky like other hairsprays.

How do I use it?

Well... mejo baliktad sa nakagawian.

If others do style their hair 1st before using any hairspray... Then... I'M THE OPPOSITE! >:)

I spray it all over my hair then brush! Then style my hair what I want! hahaha! ^_^

this product is available at any SM nationwide!

Prize is closer to Php200.00

Rate: 5/5


...and oooh! for those who asked,

I buy my hair curler at greenhills...

I can't remember the exact price but it ranges to Php150 to Php200 something like that!

binili ko na! mura eh atleast khit masira ok lng... and para meron nmn ako mabili dun!

We went there just for my laptop and cellphone mura lang daw kz mgpagawa dun (suggested from a friend). But as i mentioned on one of my previous post... my laptop's motherboard is too pricey!!! Well atleast ung cellphone ko nagawa kz grounded daw "nabasa ung malapit sa charging" - (yeah right! My son always grab my phone... he always leave saliva in the mouthpiece then throw it out the bed, uuuuurgh!!!!!) And while waiting nakalibot p kmi ng family ko dun... kso bored anak ko dun... matao pa sobra! Sa sobrang crowded mainit na dun. x.X (Ang kwento ko na!) 'till here! ^_^

CIAO! (",)

Rate for the hair curler: 5/5

mukhang matibay nmn... ^_^

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

pasalubong from Bohol

A friend of mine: "tin" brought me pasalubong...

fresh from Bohol. (",)

I post this just to say:

"Thank You for remembering..." ^_^

for a bit info...

Peanut Kisses is one of Bohol's specialty snack!

I Love how it taste. It's like: kasoy with peanut butter and honey flavor... then very crunchy to chew.

I will rate the snack as best pasalubong 5/5 hehe! ^_^

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EO contact lenses in riviera blue


As I mentioned before...

BLUE isn't goodluck for me!!!

I buy new contact lenses after my old contact lenses get expired by due date.

And as I mentioned also before... whenever I buy contact lenses... I always making it 2pairs... but right now I don't buy same color, hahaha!

I buy 2 different colors: blue and brow

(riviera blue and henna brown)

I was so excited to wear the blue coz i don't want to keep in mind that blue is not a lucky color for me "just for my charming eyes" YET!!! IT IS NOT LUCKY!!! :'(

My eyes get dry every hour, then ang dami magmuta!!!

The only solutions i bought with me is my ALCON.

So i use the free solution instead using mine.

I use the (FREE) "Neo Plus" eye care solution...

But still keeps my eyes too drying!!!

I took off my contact lenses and relax my eyes for few minutes then wear it again... i just thought it was my tiry eyes keeping my contactlenses too dry all the time.

Until 2hrs later... my left eye got lots of mucus??? Its like a bad bacteria and not just an ordinary na muta lng noh! Daig ko pa metong sore eyes sa pagmumuta!

My eyes never get sore either red... but keeping it too dry gives me lots of mucus which is annoying! Makes my vision more blurd!

So I try to buy another eye solution... maybe sa solution ung problem kz New lang ung contactlenses ko to think un ang may mali...

I buy: "Solo Aqua Care" eye solution!

waaaaaaaaah!!! Nothing's change!!! :'(

I ask my shobe (youngest sister) if she already experience annoying kindda like mine... coz I never been into it since I got my 1st ever try wearing a contactlenses. As in... for almost 12years??? Yup! I was highschool when i started wearing contactlenses in clear. ;p I never felt like this! x.X

Untill she told me to trash it out maybe its an old stock already! Whhhhhhaaaaaat?????? But i just bought It a month ago!

she ask me 1st if i buyed colored or clear! Then she follows... if thats colored then look closer to your contactlenses as you wearing them. If the color printed isn't that too perfect to view then thats an old stock already! And if the contactlenses does hurt your eyes or itchy to wear then it has a damage.

She also added: I know EO doesnt have warranty but as i do remember if they do have... warranty its only good for a month "IF" you buy a 1year to expired.

She also said... I already experienced like that to EO before sis and thats the reason why I changed to freshlook instead. o.O (mura kz EO eh... kya dun ko trip bumili para 2pairs kagas mbili ko... huhuhu! Malay ko bang sumasablay pla EO... Eh since then freshlook nmn tlga ako... kado kz lumalaki eyeballs ko dun eh... mmm...)

Ooooh! Ooohw!!! I Look for my receipt immediately and find out that I'm...  3days... OVER... Ohww... sayang...! Pero dbali meron p ko isa... back to henna brown lenses... ^_^

Btw, i buy my contactlenses at SM MEGAMALL EO optical. :(

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