Thursday, February 23, 2012

MAC (such flare, runaway, scatlet ibis) Red Lipsticks

Red Shades really is cute. ^_^

Sorry for the pixel... taken only in my cellphone...

my digicam was stolen a week ago in my backpack bag and i know it is my fault too bcoz of being careless to my things. I put my digicam at my jansport backpack bag and i never knew that it is possible that someone can open my bag and took the gadgets inside while crossing the road. "Wala tlga impossible sa mga magnanakaw!" Ganda ng mga suot nla very formal. 3 ladies took my digicam. Sila lang kasabay ko tumawid sa road... nung nsa middle way n kmi... i heard the other one said: "ay! girls, i forgot something... balik tyo sa dorm" so i thought students cla kya i don't mind them nung tumawid sila pabalik sa kabilang road! Shit! Modus Operandi lng pla un pra nde mapansing may ginagawa silang miracle! When i'm already on the other side of the road and while walking... someone told me: "excuse po... bukas po ung bag nyo". Then... UN NA YUN!

Anyways... forgive the shades it reflected... they all look the same pero magkakaiba sila. I'll tell nlng the diffences...

Such Flare is like red with wine... red and purple like.

Runaway is very red or light red.

Scarlet Ibis is redorange... it's like a combi of Morange and Runaway shade.

All the red shades i shown u stays 4-6hrs on the lips and i love it!

It shines perfect and very smooth to apply.

I recommend MAC for every woman who loves cosmetic and even for those who have sensitive nose. ^_^


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Monday, February 20, 2012

Longchamp (Authentic/Genuine) in Plain

I just want to show mine too as sample. ^_^

It was requested also by a friend last october2011 pa... sorry for the very delay post... my laptop's motherboard was crushed last sept2011 because my son accidentally fall a sit over my laptop and my laptop suddenly turns off. We bought to pro-technicians and get 2nd opinion already. Motherboard cost Php18k-22k. :D

Oooh well better if we'll buy a new one than spending big money just for a motherboard! x.X

In that price we can buy brandnew mini notebook or a brandnew laptop again!!! Well... i guest kaya mahal ung motherboard because we have the biggest laptop kasi, hahaha! >:)

thank goodness there's an application where i can post new post for my blog and now i'm using blogger for android, credited P190.37 at android market. ^_^ though I'm not satisfied with the features but it does help me to post again to update. (",)



Fake and Class-A uses synthetic leather that they used on replica LC's, it is not oxidizing, soft and smells like rubber... Unlike authentic LC's which are hard, oxidizing and has real leather smell.

Since genuine LC's uses real cowhide leather that oxidize, it turns into honey patina over time.

(Genuine) Authentic LongChamps available in our onlineshop!

Don't fool your self buying fake if you can buy Authentic! ^_^

A 100% (genuine) authentic longchamps available in low price! Only in our Shop!!!

So beware of fakes roaming to other online sellers!

Don't forget to visit our online shop, ok!

Happy Shopping! Thank You and God Bless! ^_^

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Everbilena Extreme Lipstick

Shade: Romantic Red

It last 4-6hours after application and I like it!

Scent is just fine to me... but if you have a very sensitive nose and you don't like a lipstick with scent then i won't recommend you to use extreme lipstick of everbilena.

Rate: 5/5

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