Saturday, May 21, 2011

Strip It Sugaring Wax


"STRIP IT" is the BEST ready to use hair-removal cold wax. It is made out of sugar and honey, aka Sugaring (Persian Waxing in ancient times). Since it's all Natural, it is safe to use on the entire body even on sensitive skin. It is also completely water-soluble so you won't be feeling sticky afterward.

The use of "STRIP IT" cold wax is so simple since no heating is required, salon quality results can be achieved at home with very little practice.

And since its compound adheres tightly to the hair but not the skin, as ordinary wax does, there is less pain and discomfort than with other waxes. It should be noted that each session becomes less painful as time goes on since the hair follicle becomes weaker every time.

"STRIP IT" hair removal sugaring falls into the category of epilation. This means that the hair is removed by its roots, below the skin's surface thus hair is unseen from 2-4 weeks. This is one of the reasons why it is preferable to shaving or depilation. Many users report that waxing slowly reduces the growth of hair and even permanent hair loss after a long period of use.

"STRIP IT" Also exfoliates the skin while removing the hair, because dead skin cells and impurities are stripped off at the same time. Thus it leaves the skin soft and smooth.

The Best part about "Strip it" is being able to wax yourself, save money, time and effort because you don't have to go to the salon and avail expensive waxing services.

"STRIP IT" is the BEST ready-to-use hair removal sugaring in the Philippines! SUGARING is also known as Egyptian sugar wax. All natural & water-soluble, so it’s safe to use on the face, body, bikini area, and even on sensitive skin.

Have a whiter skin that is silky-smooth and hairless for weeks! 

Sugaring removes hair from the roots (epilating); below the skin's surface thus hair is unseen from 2-4weeks. It is one of the reasons why it’s preferable than shaving or using depilatory creams. 

Many users report that waxing slowly reduces the growth of hair, so the more often you wax: hair growth will appear sparser, softer & finer. Any hair appearing before 2 weeks is not re-growth but hairs that were too short to be removed during the procedure.

Using “Strip it” will you give a clear, smooth & lighter skin. It exfoliates, since dead skin & dirt are stripped off. It’s laced with moisturizer making the skin soft. And the Calamansi lightens the skin!

Since sugaring adheres tightly to the hair but not the skin, there is 50% less pain & discomfort as compared to using other waxes. Each session becomes less painful as time goes, because the hair follicles turn weaker every time and die. This also means less chicken skin.

“Strip It” is a type of cold wax. No heating is required; 

salon quality results at home by following easy steps. No need to avail expensive waxing service.

Get the great benefits of waxing while saving time & money!


♣ Kit Includes:
1 Instruction sheet, 
1 Wooden applicator spatula, 
2 long cloth strips (can make 12pcs), 
comes with a cute paper bag! 

The spatula and strips are washable and reusable so no need for you to worry!


♣ With Waxing:
- Less Chicken skin
- hair grows 1-4 weeks
- Promotes skin lightening

SAFE TO USE ON ANY PART OF THE BODY : face , legs, underarms, bikini line or even Brazilian waxing! Since its made up of natural ingredients, you don't have to worry about any allergic reactions. Plus its easy to rinse out because the wax is water soluble. Has 50% less pain compared to other waxes.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Myra-E vitaglow tinted moisture

Just yesterday when i bought this Myra-E vita glow, tinted moisture with spf15
I actually wanted to buy BB cream coz i heard so much good things about it but i decided not to buy one of those bb creams though i'm almost handling 1, hahaha!
3 things in my mind why not to purchase the BB cream:  
1st, bb cream is for those persons who really needs full coverage. 
2nd, BB stands for blemish balm and 
3rd, it contains paraben. (but not all ofcourse...)
maybe next time i'll buy 1 bb cream that doen't contain paraben but not for now and
that is why this myra-e reminds me of BB cream... ;p
coz this also has the ability to cover-up blemishes and uneven skin tone.
this come up with 2 shades to choose from and i buy the lighter one.
 I like this product. very light to skin and has a shimmering touch.
no need for me to wear foundation anymore.
baby loose powder lang pwde n to prevent oil.

here's how it looks:
i blot a bit...

 I spread the blot,
and it looks lighter than my skin tone at first...

but when u totally spread the moisturizer that even... it will looks natural na after.

oh divah! ganda ng coverage. ^_^

will i recommend this? YES I will.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

toners and cleanser

Belo Essencials toner, Maxi Peel Cleanser, RDL Toner, Eskinol ageless toner
belo essential smells good, mild to skin, semi sticky feeling after few hours 4/5
maxi peel cleanser strong scent for me, feel refreshen and really removes dirt, cool feeling after 4/5
RDL toner strong scent, prickly feeling if uses more than twice 3/5
eskinol toner smells good, semi sticky feeling after few hours 4/5

I stop using any of these now...

Lipstick (swatches)

Avon, Revlon, Maybelline, Mac, Nars

MAC frost

Sophie Martin

Sophie Martin

Ever Bilena Matte

My Daily Habit/Routine

This is what I do everyday...

I use cyleina black pearl and shea butter soaps (face and body) in the morning followed by dove pro-age to moisture my skin then I use nu skin body bar (face and body) at night.
cyleina organic soaps and nu skin products available to all dealers, including Me.


dove pro-age is available online store/shop and in baquio.
and for my lotion I use vaseline with SPF in the morning (kapag meron lang akong lakad) and sophie martin copacabana lotion in the evening.
Vaseline Lotion is available at any drugstore nationwide. 
I wear lotion only 2-3x a week, depend on my mood and If needed
I don't use lotion regularly to be honest!

I use Sophie Martin Fairness Day Moisture Cream with SPF15 every Morning.
then Myra-E moisturizer at Night. (Regularly)
I also use Enfant baby powder for my face and body.
And for my Anti-perspirant...
(whether the label is blue or flesh , it doesn't matter both label works for me)

I put on lipbalm at my lips every night before bedtime 
to give my lips a moisture touch coz i have a very dry lips. 
I use smith's rosebud salve and sometimes mistine white SPA to alternate..

And... taaaaadaaaah!
It's ME and ME and ME!!! lol ^_^

I'm just being honest for who I am... I'm really using the products that I am selling.
I resell the products 'coz I want to share the beauty behind in it.
So if you think i'm endorsing my products... YES I am! without doubts.
I've been using the products for years and I don't see negative effects
and I think it is time for me to share what I got.


ALRIFAI Chocolate

Chocolate "ALRIFAI" are Made in Lebanon
My dad-in Law bought this pasalubong.
Actually madami yan, pinamigay nlng ung iba.
I took a picture of this chocolates kz ang cute.
pero xempre what I do is pinili ko para iba2x.

it taste so good!
tawag nga ng husband ko:
"Chocolate ng mga Hari"
hahaha! LOL!
pano kz my dad-in-law said...
these chocolates are very expensive than the other chocolates,
bibihira lng ang nakakabili at nakakakain nito.
and so my husband added:
"exclusive for those who have royal blood?"
buti nlng mayaman c papa at nakabili nito...
since kinakain to... lamunin n to! hahaha!
then i took a picture before pa maubos. (",)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Kiehl's Lipbalm and Lipgloss

What I like about kiehl's?
non-sticky to lips
gives my lips proper moisture.

Kiehl's lipbalm and lipgloss

Good for those who have very dry lips like me.

Pros: very soft to lips, (rasberry lipgloss) smells good to me coz its not too strong, (lipbalm) no scent ;  with spf15

Cons: you have to use your finger tips

both 5/5

Smith's Rosebud Salve

My Favorite Lip Balm... for me: "The Best"
you can compare nothing with this!
Smith's Rosebud Salve

very wonderful lip moisturizer all in one.
aid in the relief of chapped and dry skin, blemishes, diaper rash, detergent burns, 
and rough cuticles, also softens rough hands.
kaya hindi ko to pagpapalit ever!
and that is why celebrities also chooses this as their number one preferred lip balm.
As i do remember price not higher than Php500.00.
very thankful nga ko kz meron n nito d2 sa pinas unlike before. :)

Pros: many purposes, scent is not bad very mild.
Cons: Can only be seen in selected malls nationwide,  quick melt lipbalm


MAC Cosmetics

I like MAC studios compact powder when comes to covering up blemishes or hiding eyebags after putting on concealers, it doesn't feel so heavy as long as u know how you properly use the powder.
I love using my MAC compact when I have occasion to come by.

MAC compact powder and Lipsticks

About MAC lipstick... I Love It!
yup it's just an ordinary lipstick pero once you tried using it, ewan ko kung nde k uulit! ;p
expensive yet worth it!

MAC lipsticks

MAC Lipgloss, ewan ko b why ko to binili, hahaha!
actually gaya-gaya lng ako. merong bumili sa MAC nito ang dami nya buy kaya i guest maganda xa without me trying it first sa testing area, hahaha! ayun... mukhang kinarma ko sa panggagaya ko. ;p
maganda nmn xa kaso sticky! and i hate the feeling n greasy and sticky lips ko, tpos glossy pa.
okey n sna ung pgka-glossy kaso I hate the feeling of wearing it over my lips. grrrr!

MAC lipgloss

Pigeon Compact Pressed Powder

This pigeon compact powder makes me feel like a baby again, hahaha!
coz u can only buy this product in a baby section. ;p
I like this powder, it doesn't have smell, no scent. very plain.
me and my son both using this powder of mine, would u believe that!!!
it is because this product really made just for babies and feeling pa-baby like me, LOL!

Pigeon Baby Powder in a compact!

This cost Php200+ nearer to Php300
pigeon made in Japan

The Body Shop Hydrating Freshener

skin defensives. hydrating freshener.
Harness the ocean's power for anti-pollution protection from the elements.
Hydrate, freshen and lift off the last trace of make-up in one, with unique seaweed extracts to help protect skin against damaging everyday pollutants.
Suitable for all skin types.

to freashen up and go: apply morning and evening after cleansing, 
or whenever skin needs a moisture boost.

The Body Shop Hydrating Freshner in 100ml

I'm using this product like a toner to me, hahaha!
It has a very nice smell and i like it, feel refresh and gives moisture.
this product cost Php600+
again... sorry if I can't tell u the exact price but atleast I'm giving u an idea how much would this be.

Evian Facial Spray

A skin care atomizer , gives moisture to skin and very refreshing.

Evian in 150ml

for the ingredients: 

I start using Evian since grade school.
good for all skin type.
now with their new shaped "can", hahaha!
available in watsons nationwide.
this cost Php300+ sorry i can't remember the exact price
All I remember is that this product won't cost u 500. ;p


Miss Beauty Moist Whitening Lotion

Miss Beauty "Moist" Whitening Lotion in Milk variant

 Miss Beauty Moist Whitening Lotion in Milk variant has concentrated formula that nourishes and protects skin from harmful effects of sunlight, giving you a fair and radiant skin.
Milk protein, rich in moisturizer and nutrients that helps preserve skin cells. It lets the skin feel soft and smooth and never look dry.
Yogurt, protein keeps and lightens the skin tone naturally. Giving fresh and young look to the skin.
Naturally pure Soy Protein highly effective in giving a skin a lift, reducing wrinkles and restoring elasticity and firmness.

Milk whitening lotions light and delicate texture is non – greasy and can be easily and quickly absorbed while preventing skin from looking dull.

Available in 310mL size - in a Pump Bottle


Apply Milk whitening lotion all over the body. Skin will become radiant and it's tone will lighten naturally if daily use.

For better faster result, use it before bedtime.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lipbalm, Lipgloss & Lipstick

Lipbalms (followed with an "S")! 'coz it's not just One, not even Two... But bunches of lipbalms to share. ;p

I love lipbalms than lipsticks and lipgloss. Hay nako! kng mahilig lang ako mgtabi ng mga empty case ng lipbalms for sure... sasabihan nyo akong "lipbalm adik". I start using lipbalm when i was in grade 3. maniniwala k???

actually nde lipbalm ang uso noon, hahaha! "petroleum jelly"! our pedia recommend me to use petroleum jelly for my lips kz ngsusugat at super dry tlga... it's bcoz nde ako palainom ng water. 'till nde n ko maka-alis ng wlng dalang petroleum jelly. when i start collecting fashion magazines for teens like seventeen, candymag, pink, etc. I find out n meron plng Vaseline tube for lips, hayun na! pa-start na ko! My aunt abroad ask me what pasalubong i want pguwi nya ng pinas. I make her a joke, i said: something that will heal my lips from drying too much... like petroleum jelly that I always use and bunches of chocolates will make me happy. hahaha! then nung umuwi ng pinas aunt ko she bought me smith's rosebuds salve 3pcs and nothing less... the chocolates! ;p daming purpose nun as in i can't go out not bringing my smith with me... nung maubos ko lhat ung 3pcs, narealize ko na wla nun d2 sa pinas. pero infairness ang 3pcs inabot sakin ng one and half years, hehehe! nwyz, halos lhat n ata ng drugstore nationwide tinanungan ko na, haaaaaay! wla dw ganun... then i look to a magazine, nakakita ko ng chapstick lipbalm i try it on super ganda sa lips... then start experimenting and trying another lipbalms that will work for me and another and another and lots more! even lipgloss ni-try ko din... then, yun na! dun n ko totally naging adik sa mga lipbalms. ^_^

Anywayz, Meron n d2 sa pinas n smith's rosebuds salve kaya khit dami n ko use n lipbalm, still iba padin ung the best among the rest para sakin. :)

smith's rosebud salve, white spa mistine, burts bees, neutrogena, maybelline, blistex
smith's rosebud salve, heals dryness, good for cuts, rashes, insect bites and blemishes super soft sa lips, kso nde pwede sa mainit it will melt, smells good like a rose.
mistine white spa, very soft, pure white balm, i use this at night. para smooth lips ko pggcng ko.
burt's bees, minty, soft to touch kso ngdra-dry din after 30mins-1hour. i use this to refresh and relax
neutrogena, with spf115, soft, white inside, i use this under my lipstick
maybelline, with spf15, tinted moisture is my savior especially if i'm in a hurry and no time to wear lipstick
blistex, with spf15, i also use this at night, my alternate to mistine for overnight medication.

other lipbalms i've tried not included in the pix above are:
nivea, carmex, chapstick, prada, avon, lip ice, body shop, benetint, badger, L'Occitane

TOP 5 lipbalms for me?
1. smith's rosebud salve
2. carmex
3. blistex
3. chapstick
5. lip ice

kiehl's lipgloss, kiehl's lipbalm, mac lipgloss, clinique lipgloss
kiehl's lipgloss give shine while it looks natural to lips
kiehl's lipbalm, very oily but good in smoothing lips.
mac lipgloss, very shiny, i use this over my matte lipstick, feels sticky yet giving u glossy lips.
clinique lipgloss, for a glittery look. i use this in the morning and it looks good.

TOP 5 lipglosses for me?
1. kiehl's
2. careline
3. Lancome
4. mac
5. clinique

Let's go on lipsticks. when was the first time i wear lipstick? mmm... when i was in grade 6, hahaha! LOL! A class nomination for Miss Beauty and Brain challenge. Surprisingly I won the 2nd place. who won the 1st place? it was our valedictorian who's been nominated from the other section, hehe! but being in the 2nd place is a good experience winning a pageant, hahaha. ;p

Anyways, when i was in college i only use one shade... "Red"
And the 1st lipstick I owned... "fashion 21"

I like red coz it's very usable. I use it in my lips and i also use it as my blush-on and eyeshadow all at the same time.

do'h i like red, i also uses other shade. :)

nars, mac, revlon, maybelline, avon, in2it, koshize, kluge, j'adore
nars, lip drying lipstick for me but it gives me perfect shade.
mac, lip drying too but much softer than nars
revlon, lip drying also pero it gives shade n matingkad.
maybelline, mild to the lips that's why many teenagers love wearing it plus with sunscreen protection.
avon, i use glittery shades, good to put it over other lipstick. lip drying too.
in2it, smooth at first but it last.
sophie koshize, with uv protection, soft in touch, no need to use lipbalms, shades last after 3-4hrs.
sophie kluge, moistured lipstick, very smooth, no need to put on lipbalm
sophie j'adore matte, lip drying but long lasting shade. tumatagal tlga ung shade sa lips upto 6-8hrs.

other lipsticks i've used not included in the pix above:
loreal, fashion 21, fanny serrano, natasha, red earth, bench, human, anonymous,  lancome, vmv, clinique, estee lauder

TOP 5 lipsticks for me?
1. mac
2. sophie martin koshize uv
3. loreal
4. avon
5. nars

...others where posted on review/swatches label. ^_^

Navores W-II Moist Cream vs. Miss Beauty Moist Lotion

Navores W-II "Moist" pack essence cream vs. Miss Beauty "Moist" whitening lotion in Milk variant!
Directions how products work? Navores W-II & Miss Beauty

the packaging...

cream vs. lotion
both smells good!

I spread both in my arm...
And let finish instructions how products works, then...

...Here's the result.

Taaadaaah!!! Both whitens my skin. ^_^

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Black Pearl Soap

Internet sensation best-selling soap made only with the finest skin enhancing ingredients that ultimately whitens the skin almost instantly and for all skin luminous clarity. And I'm referring for the black pearl soap.
Ingredients are: Collagen, supports a smooth, radiant. elastic, and well hydrated skin to slow down the wrinkle formation. Licorice, has natural lightening complex for clean and fairer skin. Arbutin, gently exfoliates dead cells and inhibit melanin production for softer and glowing skin. and a Vitamin E, protects the skin against damage with moisturizing complex for healthy supple skin.This black pearl lightens dark spots caused by sub exposure and pimple scars. It is also effective in lightening dark underarms and inner thighs caused by imbalanced hormones and chemical burns.This soap is very organic no chemical added and it is a hand made cold processed and week long curing method, utilizing natural with fresh and organic key ingredients that are very healthy for the skin unlike most commercial soaps that are quickly made using the hot process method, where oils are heated above 40 degrees celsius and begin making it carcinogenic. This has no parabens, synthetic preservatives, mineral oil, petroleum by products. 

And it is available to all re-sellers and at any SM Malls Nationwide

What i like in this product is that, it has a good smell and menthol feeling after shower and true na nakaka-dry xa ng pimple. ^_^ Good for All skin type.

45gr Php65.00
100gr Php125.00

Navores W-II Moist Essence Cream

W-II Navores Moist pack essence is the product that removes impurities, diminishes spots and discoloration on the skin, leaving skin look fairer and smooth to touch.
I like this product but it's too expensive yet effective. Kung matiyaga k mg-apply2x nito possible within a month you'll get whiter and whiter skin.

This is how the product works: after washing the face with like warm water, apply ample amount on your face and/or any part of your body you wished to be whiter. Massage it in outside circular motion. Leave it for 3 minutes, and then wash throughly without using any soap. Then if you that everyday ofcourse you'll get better faster result.

This product is made in Taiwan and I saw this ads at TV, kaya madali ako naenganyo bumili, hahaha!

Navores W-II is worth Php4,000.00+
Product Available at EZ Shop and not to me!
I don't Sell Navores!
This is just my review to the product.
Yes this Effective yet VERY expensive! ;p

commercial video copy, website to buy/order Navores W-II: EZShop