Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Black Pearl Soap

Internet sensation best-selling soap made only with the finest skin enhancing ingredients that ultimately whitens the skin almost instantly and for all skin luminous clarity. And I'm referring for the black pearl soap.
Ingredients are: Collagen, supports a smooth, radiant. elastic, and well hydrated skin to slow down the wrinkle formation. Licorice, has natural lightening complex for clean and fairer skin. Arbutin, gently exfoliates dead cells and inhibit melanin production for softer and glowing skin. and a Vitamin E, protects the skin against damage with moisturizing complex for healthy supple skin.This black pearl lightens dark spots caused by sub exposure and pimple scars. It is also effective in lightening dark underarms and inner thighs caused by imbalanced hormones and chemical burns.This soap is very organic no chemical added and it is a hand made cold processed and week long curing method, utilizing natural with fresh and organic key ingredients that are very healthy for the skin unlike most commercial soaps that are quickly made using the hot process method, where oils are heated above 40 degrees celsius and begin making it carcinogenic. This has no parabens, synthetic preservatives, mineral oil, petroleum by products. 

And it is available to all re-sellers and at any SM Malls Nationwide

What i like in this product is that, it has a good smell and menthol feeling after shower and true na nakaka-dry xa ng pimple. ^_^ Good for All skin type.

45gr Php65.00
100gr Php125.00

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