Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Daily Skin Care Routine

This is how I take good care of my skin...

When i was a kid my mom uses petrollium jelly for my whole body including my face and still am using it when i grew up.

As years go by... many different products been invented by dermatologists like moisturizers, creams,liquids and gels for the face and oils and lotions for the body. Ofcourse I tried using some such ponds, sophiemartin, myraE, garnier, olay, origins, aveeno, nuskin, celeteque, etc. But still I used to go back using petrollium jelly, hehe. I dont know but it keeps me really pampering.

till I tried LaMer moisturizing soft gel and the cream. It was like petrollium jelly thou its not! LOL!

Now I find alternate moisturizer for my skin. Whenever my LaMer get empty... I go back to petrollium jelly! And Whenever I have budget again... I uses LaMer more often.
...but right now, my LaMer is empty so I have to go back to petrollium jelly, ciz my skun need to be moisture doh!

Oh well... whatever moisturizer is present, here's my blog still and Im ready and willing to share it with you my blogger and reader friends. ;p

Hope my post helps. ^_^

Btw, my skin type is sensitive and dry.

FYI: just a dub of petrollium jelly or LaMer not the usual dose of other moisturizers when applying on the face.

Have a happy reading and Godspeed! ^_^

Additional Info for products I use and the alternates:
-soap: safeguard/cyleina/nuskin
-moisturizer: vaselline/apollo petrollium jelly/LaMer
-powder: pigeon/markandspencer/enfant/j&j
-lipbalm: rosebud salve/blistex/burtsbees/maybelline

Have a great day! (",)

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