Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cyleina Review

I was sunburned last Jun.4&5,2011 due to too much exposure to sunlight at the beach together with my loving family and i even got windburn... it sucks! 

but it's okey... i have no worries though! i have my cyleina organic soaps to help me get rid of unwanted skin tone (discolorations) and bring back my natural skin texture hahaha! a few days now... (today is jun.12,2011): here's a result of using it. 

"yes! it peel" and doesn't hurt!
~i don't just promote the soaps but also sharing my own story and experience~ ^_^

and ooohH btw, I'm gonna use my miss beauty moist lotion again and will take another review on it... I actually don't use any lotion regularly. I use lotions atleast 2-3x a week but not everyday cause i hate the feeling wearing lotions. I focus more onto organic body bar soaps and liquid soaps that has a high moisture already. so keep intouch for those who are interested to miss beauty moist lotion as i will make another review and promise to try my best to use it regularly for a whole month so i could see the result.

So i think that's for now...

Have a great day everyone! (",)


Hello There Everyone!!! 

for my pending review about miss beauty moist whitening lotion...
I start using the lotion last June 18, 2011 and end up of July 18, 2011 as I promise for a month review of this moist whitening lotion if really works...

I guest whitening works bit, but as i review this lotion, it focus more onto moisturize.

what's interesting with this products is the instant whitening effect after application, hehe!
but pray not to rain when u wear it otherwise the white glow effect will washed out, hahaha! 
better run-run before rain touches you. ;p

No wonder why lots of teenagers and some adults are crazy with this product. 
As they wanted to look having fairer skin in no time by tricking everyone's eyes. 
This lotion is commonly called magic lotion as it gives instant whitening effect, making you look fairer instantly, hihihi.

but as i review, whitening works but "bit".

I have fair skin complexion already so I can't really tell the whitening effect as a whole.

I love to give co-bloggers more information about the whitening effect of this lotion can give but as i mentioned earlier... I'm not a lotion defender but still I just made my promise. ^_^

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Loreal UV Perfect

Loreal UV Protector with SPF50 PA+++
Longlasting UVA/UVB Protector

Against brown spots, skin darkening and premature skin-ageing.


Cream is White and it blends natural.
what i have is the transparent.
their are 2 more: dullness and tinted.

this product cost Php500+ (not more than php600)

Pros: with high protection, enriched with powerful anti-oxidant complex and active-cell, can be use as a make-up base.

Cons: pricey but worth it! not good for oily skins.

but for me who have dry to normal skin texture: 5/5

Magic POP

Magic POP
(Rice Pop) with different kinds of flavors but mine is original.
cost Php50+

My midnight snack and My breakfast... also My merienda, hahaha!
healthy delicious snack also good for kids.
Available at all SM nationwide. ^_^


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sophie Martin Magic Pink Cream

Sophie Martin's Magic Pink Cream

for the ingredients...

cream is white inside the tube

here's how it works...
blot a little cream using your finger tips

then spread the cream equally.

that was fast! in less than minute... I got a pinkish glow spot in my arm, hahaha!
It looks very natural!
the more you put a cream... the more pinkish you'll have.
it stays longer the whole day without needing a retouch.

Pros: very cheap (Php90.00), hypo-allergenic and good for all skin type, very natural on skin, stays longer and no need to retouch, can also use it on your lips, very mild on skin, easy to blend, u can even sleep wearing it hahaha! (unlike other blush-ons that can irritate skin, this one is different!), handy and friendly, it can last upto 2-3months depend on use.

Cons: u have to use ur finger tips. And for the lips... drying! need to use  lipbalm after putting it on. available only in10ml size.

Honestly saying that this Magic Pink Cream really is the best among the rest of the blush-on i have tried... Ever!!!
Make a try and judge it!

Free to comment me here on what can you say about this product?

for me: 5/5

Bench pretty when pinched

Pretty when pinched of Bench
(My old staff...)

Pros: easy to use, no smell

Cons: casing is like a nail polish, water like, it's like a clot if too much ;p


Nivea Whitening Lotion Cell Repair

Nivea Whitening Lotion (cell repair) ~ orange

and for the ingredients...

Not sticky/greasy
smells good

Palmers Cocoa Butter for stretch marks lotion

 Palmers Cocoa Butter with Shea Butter for Stretch Mark Lotion

I use this product after giving birth,
this lotion is very sticky though it smells good for me.
I have read a lot of this product and most of it are highly positive.
So I make a try...

For the Ingredients...

color brownish white inside

I'm using it for a months...
and all i can say is:  It don't works for me! 
Maybe for some... works for them, but not to me, really!!!
(Inuubos ko nlng... sayang eh! mahal p nmn! hmp!)

Lip Ice Lipbalms

Lip Ice lip balms is available in all watsons nationwide

I Like It! not drying on lips and it stays.

The pink one sheer color smells strawberry as it is! hahaha
I think there are two? not sure...: the original & strawberry
mine is strawberry.
I have no idea if the original one have a scent but i think it doesn't.
...and no idea if the original is also a magic lipbalm.
Pink Case Lipbalm cost Php145.00

The other one... The White I have (Pretty Pink shade) cost Php125.00
I think there are 6 shades available including mine...
this pretty pink doesn't have smell, so i guest the others does the same.
if that's the case, I recommend these to those who have sensitive nose who doesn't like scented lip balms.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nu Skin Scion Deodorant For Sale


• Have a WHITER UNDERARMS in just 3 WEEKS!!!
• An underarm WHITENING roll-on deodorant and anti-perspirant that provides 24-Hour protection against bacterial growth and perspiration which can cause body odor!
• It doesn't have harsh alcohol or cancer causing ingredients.
• It provides freshness and no stickiness!
• Use regularly and see whitening results in just 3 weeks!
• It contains mild ingredients suited for all type of skin.
• Leaves underarms feeling fresh and dry all day long.
• Proven and Dermatologist tested.

• In two different label:
~baby blue - more focus against odor and wetness. (also good for Men)
~flesh - pH balanced especially for Woman also best for those who have chicken skin.

• 40ml in size




(Buy 6pcs for Php245.00 each)

♣ Buy 50pcs for free shipping 



Thank You and God Bless!

Happy Shopping!!!

Anne (",)

Sophie Martin Magic Pink Cream

Sophie Martin Magic Pink Cream

♣♣♣ Sophie Martin Magic Pink Cream is formulated with natural extracts making cheeks blush and lips look naturally pink in less than 1 minute after application.
♣ One of the Awarding products of Sophie Martin Paris and Best Selling product (Customers Choice).
♣ Hypo-allergenic and Good for All Skin Type.
♣ Giving you a long lasting natural pinkish glow (retouch no more! and say goodbye to ur old/expensive products u used before).
♣ Very easy to apply using your finger tips, just a tiny amount of cream can transform u to a blooming u.
♣ No worries by using the product everyday, it won't harsh or damage ur skin.
♣ This product is guaranteed safe & tested by many and even to me... (",)
♣ Available only in 10ml in size 
♣ For only Php90.00! (very affordable)
♣RATE 5/5 ^_^