Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lip Ice Lipbalms

Lip Ice lip balms is available in all watsons nationwide

I Like It! not drying on lips and it stays.

The pink one sheer color smells strawberry as it is! hahaha
I think there are two? not sure...: the original & strawberry
mine is strawberry.
I have no idea if the original one have a scent but i think it doesn't.
...and no idea if the original is also a magic lipbalm.
Pink Case Lipbalm cost Php145.00

The other one... The White I have (Pretty Pink shade) cost Php125.00
I think there are 6 shades available including mine...
this pretty pink doesn't have smell, so i guest the others does the same.
if that's the case, I recommend these to those who have sensitive nose who doesn't like scented lip balms.


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