Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cyleina Review

I was sunburned last Jun.4&5,2011 due to too much exposure to sunlight at the beach together with my loving family and i even got windburn... it sucks! 

but it's okey... i have no worries though! i have my cyleina organic soaps to help me get rid of unwanted skin tone (discolorations) and bring back my natural skin texture hahaha! a few days now... (today is jun.12,2011): here's a result of using it. 

"yes! it peel" and doesn't hurt!
~i don't just promote the soaps but also sharing my own story and experience~ ^_^

and ooohH btw, I'm gonna use my miss beauty moist lotion again and will take another review on it... I actually don't use any lotion regularly. I use lotions atleast 2-3x a week but not everyday cause i hate the feeling wearing lotions. I focus more onto organic body bar soaps and liquid soaps that has a high moisture already. so keep intouch for those who are interested to miss beauty moist lotion as i will make another review and promise to try my best to use it regularly for a whole month so i could see the result.

So i think that's for now...

Have a great day everyone! (",)


Hello There Everyone!!! 

for my pending review about miss beauty moist whitening lotion...
I start using the lotion last June 18, 2011 and end up of July 18, 2011 as I promise for a month review of this moist whitening lotion if really works...

I guest whitening works bit, but as i review this lotion, it focus more onto moisturize.

what's interesting with this products is the instant whitening effect after application, hehe!
but pray not to rain when u wear it otherwise the white glow effect will washed out, hahaha! 
better run-run before rain touches you. ;p

No wonder why lots of teenagers and some adults are crazy with this product. 
As they wanted to look having fairer skin in no time by tricking everyone's eyes. 
This lotion is commonly called magic lotion as it gives instant whitening effect, making you look fairer instantly, hihihi.

but as i review, whitening works but "bit".

I have fair skin complexion already so I can't really tell the whitening effect as a whole.

I love to give co-bloggers more information about the whitening effect of this lotion can give but as i mentioned earlier... I'm not a lotion defender but still I just made my promise. ^_^

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