Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Daily Habit/Routine

This is what I do everyday...

I use cyleina black pearl and shea butter soaps (face and body) in the morning followed by dove pro-age to moisture my skin then I use nu skin body bar (face and body) at night.
cyleina organic soaps and nu skin products available to all dealers, including Me.


dove pro-age is available online store/shop and in baquio.
and for my lotion I use vaseline with SPF in the morning (kapag meron lang akong lakad) and sophie martin copacabana lotion in the evening.
Vaseline Lotion is available at any drugstore nationwide. 
I wear lotion only 2-3x a week, depend on my mood and If needed
I don't use lotion regularly to be honest!

I use Sophie Martin Fairness Day Moisture Cream with SPF15 every Morning.
then Myra-E moisturizer at Night. (Regularly)
I also use Enfant baby powder for my face and body.
And for my Anti-perspirant...
(whether the label is blue or flesh , it doesn't matter both label works for me)

I put on lipbalm at my lips every night before bedtime 
to give my lips a moisture touch coz i have a very dry lips. 
I use smith's rosebud salve and sometimes mistine white SPA to alternate..

And... taaaaadaaaah!
It's ME and ME and ME!!! lol ^_^

I'm just being honest for who I am... I'm really using the products that I am selling.
I resell the products 'coz I want to share the beauty behind in it.
So if you think i'm endorsing my products... YES I am! without doubts.
I've been using the products for years and I don't see negative effects
and I think it is time for me to share what I got.


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