Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lipbalm, Lipgloss & Lipstick

Lipbalms (followed with an "S")! 'coz it's not just One, not even Two... But bunches of lipbalms to share. ;p

I love lipbalms than lipsticks and lipgloss. Hay nako! kng mahilig lang ako mgtabi ng mga empty case ng lipbalms for sure... sasabihan nyo akong "lipbalm adik". I start using lipbalm when i was in grade 3. maniniwala k???

actually nde lipbalm ang uso noon, hahaha! "petroleum jelly"! our pedia recommend me to use petroleum jelly for my lips kz ngsusugat at super dry tlga... it's bcoz nde ako palainom ng water. 'till nde n ko maka-alis ng wlng dalang petroleum jelly. when i start collecting fashion magazines for teens like seventeen, candymag, pink, etc. I find out n meron plng Vaseline tube for lips, hayun na! pa-start na ko! My aunt abroad ask me what pasalubong i want pguwi nya ng pinas. I make her a joke, i said: something that will heal my lips from drying too much... like petroleum jelly that I always use and bunches of chocolates will make me happy. hahaha! then nung umuwi ng pinas aunt ko she bought me smith's rosebuds salve 3pcs and nothing less... the chocolates! ;p daming purpose nun as in i can't go out not bringing my smith with me... nung maubos ko lhat ung 3pcs, narealize ko na wla nun d2 sa pinas. pero infairness ang 3pcs inabot sakin ng one and half years, hehehe! nwyz, halos lhat n ata ng drugstore nationwide tinanungan ko na, haaaaaay! wla dw ganun... then i look to a magazine, nakakita ko ng chapstick lipbalm i try it on super ganda sa lips... then start experimenting and trying another lipbalms that will work for me and another and another and lots more! even lipgloss ni-try ko din... then, yun na! dun n ko totally naging adik sa mga lipbalms. ^_^

Anywayz, Meron n d2 sa pinas n smith's rosebuds salve kaya khit dami n ko use n lipbalm, still iba padin ung the best among the rest para sakin. :)

smith's rosebud salve, white spa mistine, burts bees, neutrogena, maybelline, blistex
smith's rosebud salve, heals dryness, good for cuts, rashes, insect bites and blemishes super soft sa lips, kso nde pwede sa mainit it will melt, smells good like a rose.
mistine white spa, very soft, pure white balm, i use this at night. para smooth lips ko pggcng ko.
burt's bees, minty, soft to touch kso ngdra-dry din after 30mins-1hour. i use this to refresh and relax
neutrogena, with spf115, soft, white inside, i use this under my lipstick
maybelline, with spf15, tinted moisture is my savior especially if i'm in a hurry and no time to wear lipstick
blistex, with spf15, i also use this at night, my alternate to mistine for overnight medication.

other lipbalms i've tried not included in the pix above are:
nivea, carmex, chapstick, prada, avon, lip ice, body shop, benetint, badger, L'Occitane

TOP 5 lipbalms for me?
1. smith's rosebud salve
2. carmex
3. blistex
3. chapstick
5. lip ice

kiehl's lipgloss, kiehl's lipbalm, mac lipgloss, clinique lipgloss
kiehl's lipgloss give shine while it looks natural to lips
kiehl's lipbalm, very oily but good in smoothing lips.
mac lipgloss, very shiny, i use this over my matte lipstick, feels sticky yet giving u glossy lips.
clinique lipgloss, for a glittery look. i use this in the morning and it looks good.

TOP 5 lipglosses for me?
1. kiehl's
2. careline
3. Lancome
4. mac
5. clinique

Let's go on lipsticks. when was the first time i wear lipstick? mmm... when i was in grade 6, hahaha! LOL! A class nomination for Miss Beauty and Brain challenge. Surprisingly I won the 2nd place. who won the 1st place? it was our valedictorian who's been nominated from the other section, hehe! but being in the 2nd place is a good experience winning a pageant, hahaha. ;p

Anyways, when i was in college i only use one shade... "Red"
And the 1st lipstick I owned... "fashion 21"

I like red coz it's very usable. I use it in my lips and i also use it as my blush-on and eyeshadow all at the same time.

do'h i like red, i also uses other shade. :)

nars, mac, revlon, maybelline, avon, in2it, koshize, kluge, j'adore
nars, lip drying lipstick for me but it gives me perfect shade.
mac, lip drying too but much softer than nars
revlon, lip drying also pero it gives shade n matingkad.
maybelline, mild to the lips that's why many teenagers love wearing it plus with sunscreen protection.
avon, i use glittery shades, good to put it over other lipstick. lip drying too.
in2it, smooth at first but it last.
sophie koshize, with uv protection, soft in touch, no need to use lipbalms, shades last after 3-4hrs.
sophie kluge, moistured lipstick, very smooth, no need to put on lipbalm
sophie j'adore matte, lip drying but long lasting shade. tumatagal tlga ung shade sa lips upto 6-8hrs.

other lipsticks i've used not included in the pix above:
loreal, fashion 21, fanny serrano, natasha, red earth, bench, human, anonymous,  lancome, vmv, clinique, estee lauder

TOP 5 lipsticks for me?
1. mac
2. sophie martin koshize uv
3. loreal
4. avon
5. nars

...others where posted on review/swatches label. ^_^

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Saira Jean Carpio said...

hi poh!
naaliw po ako sa mga shares nyo dito..
ang jolly nyo rin po magsulat! hindi nakaka bored :D

habang nagbabasa nga po ako, google ako nang goole kasi hindi ko pa nalalaman yung ilang products na binanggit nyo :)

wala po akong masa suggest kais hindi ako gaya nyo na mahilig sa lip balms and any other lip beautifierzzzz ^_^ perooo I can't help but to comment. Informative po kasi mga posts niyo. Yun lang po!

ang inyong lingkod, :D :D :D Saira Jean Ayensa Carpio, 18 y.o., from Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, MINDANAO! mabuhay! haha.. LOLs :D