Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Myra-E vitaglow tinted moisture

Just yesterday when i bought this Myra-E vita glow, tinted moisture with spf15
I actually wanted to buy BB cream coz i heard so much good things about it but i decided not to buy one of those bb creams though i'm almost handling 1, hahaha!
3 things in my mind why not to purchase the BB cream:  
1st, bb cream is for those persons who really needs full coverage. 
2nd, BB stands for blemish balm and 
3rd, it contains paraben. (but not all ofcourse...)
maybe next time i'll buy 1 bb cream that doen't contain paraben but not for now and
that is why this myra-e reminds me of BB cream... ;p
coz this also has the ability to cover-up blemishes and uneven skin tone.
this come up with 2 shades to choose from and i buy the lighter one.
 I like this product. very light to skin and has a shimmering touch.
no need for me to wear foundation anymore.
baby loose powder lang pwde n to prevent oil.

here's how it looks:
i blot a bit...

 I spread the blot,
and it looks lighter than my skin tone at first...

but when u totally spread the moisturizer that even... it will looks natural na after.

oh divah! ganda ng coverage. ^_^

will i recommend this? YES I will.

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