Thursday, March 8, 2012

Advanced Mascara Duo

I though the white one is transparent, hahaha!

It was real white! (see picture attached)

It is semi sticky or shall I call it rubberized and flexible?

This makes the eye lashes looks longer... it is a cheat base applicator, hahaha! (see attached picture)

The brushes both silicon and its firm... can easily

apply. Silicon brush is very soft and gentle/smooth to


The Mascara is quick dry. Easy to remove in wet


I haven't tested it yet if it is waterproof coz i never cry

yet wearing it - just kidding! But it is long lasting and

never spread out through out the day.

It does look natural. You can even use the black alone... But if you want... the white too, LOL! ^_^

***ooohw!!! I miss my new riviera blue contact lenses as I did trashed it already due to eye irritation bought to me!***

Anyways... back to mascara,

Will I recommend this? YES


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