Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4U2 in Glitz and Fashion21

I don't know how to put eye shadows yet to make it look more gorgeous but I could say that the shades are totally cute! and i like them!

It really depends on the person how thick or thin the shades may apply. And how will it combined...

I would defenitely recommend this products to everyone...

I don't know how it cost bcoz these are my husband gifts to me last valentines day. He told me he ask the sales ladies if what shades the other sales lady is  wearing coz it looks nice at her and he said to them that If my wife will wear the shade that girl wearing... surely she will look more lovely and prettier. (Naks! Merong ganun!) He added that he is looking for a set of eyeshadows pra daw I have lots of choices to choose from at pwede ko mabagayan sa mga sinusuot ko... untill he noticed the color of 1 of the sales ladies eyeshadows kz dw pansinin ung kulay kaya tinanong nya kgad if wgat product is she wearing.. till he find out it was 4u2 cosmetics nga... and sad to know that 4u2 products only have 2shades and a 4shades per set... and thou they referred him to "fashion21" the only product with lots of colors (48shades per set)... he still buy the "4u2 glitz" coz he likes it on me and can't wait to see me wearing it... Naiimagine nya dw ako if ako ang may suot nun. (aaaaawwwhhh...)

...since I have lots of colors to choose... i can't wait to make a try and do mix and mixed and match to combine a nice shades. (if what shades are good for daily and occassional, hihihi!)

Hope you enjoy my match play... "practice ito!!!"

And Hope to hear from you what advices and suggestions you can give to me. ^_^

All are unscented and easy to apply.

I've tried to wet the applicator and still the shades are fine... nde nmn ngbubuo-buo nung nabasa, hahaha... testing ko lng nmn na if basahin ko eh kakapal ung application... it works nman, hehehe!

(Parang water color lang na nilalaro divah! Hihihi!) ;p

I rate the products: 5/5

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