Tuesday, March 6, 2012

EO contact lenses in riviera blue


As I mentioned before...

BLUE isn't goodluck for me!!!

I buy new contact lenses after my old contact lenses get expired by due date.

And as I mentioned also before... whenever I buy contact lenses... I always making it 2pairs... but right now I don't buy same color, hahaha!

I buy 2 different colors: blue and brow

(riviera blue and henna brown)

I was so excited to wear the blue coz i don't want to keep in mind that blue is not a lucky color for me "just for my charming eyes" YET!!! IT IS NOT LUCKY!!! :'(

My eyes get dry every hour, then ang dami magmuta!!!

The only solutions i bought with me is my ALCON.

So i use the free solution instead using mine.

I use the (FREE) "Neo Plus" eye care solution...

But still keeps my eyes too drying!!!

I took off my contact lenses and relax my eyes for few minutes then wear it again... i just thought it was my tiry eyes keeping my contactlenses too dry all the time.

Until 2hrs later... my left eye got lots of mucus??? Its like a bad bacteria and not just an ordinary na muta lng noh! Daig ko pa metong sore eyes sa pagmumuta!

My eyes never get sore either red... but keeping it too dry gives me lots of mucus which is annoying! Makes my vision more blurd!

So I try to buy another eye solution... maybe sa solution ung problem kz New lang ung contactlenses ko to think un ang may mali...

I buy: "Solo Aqua Care" eye solution!

waaaaaaaaah!!! Nothing's change!!! :'(

I ask my shobe (youngest sister) if she already experience annoying kindda like mine... coz I never been into it since I got my 1st ever try wearing a contactlenses. As in... for almost 12years??? Yup! I was highschool when i started wearing contactlenses in clear. ;p I never felt like this! x.X

Untill she told me to trash it out maybe its an old stock already! Whhhhhhaaaaaat?????? But i just bought It a month ago!

she ask me 1st if i buyed colored or clear! Then she follows... if thats colored then look closer to your contactlenses as you wearing them. If the color printed isn't that too perfect to view then thats an old stock already! And if the contactlenses does hurt your eyes or itchy to wear then it has a damage.

She also added: I know EO doesnt have warranty but as i do remember if they do have... warranty its only good for a month "IF" you buy a 1year to expired.

She also said... I already experienced like that to EO before sis and thats the reason why I changed to freshlook instead. o.O (mura kz EO eh... kya dun ko trip bumili para 2pairs kagas mbili ko... huhuhu! Malay ko bang sumasablay pla EO... Eh since then freshlook nmn tlga ako... kado kz lumalaki eyeballs ko dun eh... mmm...)

Ooooh! Ooohw!!! I Look for my receipt immediately and find out that I'm...  3days... OVER... Ohww... sayang...! Pero dbali meron p ko isa... back to henna brown lenses... ^_^

Btw, i buy my contactlenses at SM MEGAMALL EO optical. :(

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michelle lacsamana said...

hello sis..i bought contact lens din from eo..grabe 6 days pa lang!!!it split na in two..good for 1yr pa nman sya..:( do you think i can return it or ask for a replacement?:(

michelle lacsamana said...

oh sa sm megamall din ako bmili nun nasira ko na contacts..:( mura kasi kaya cguro gnun..��☝

Mestizah said...

Sis as long as you have the receipt ask for replacement na kz alam ko within 2-3weeks lng ata xa. Try to contact the eo branch number.

Mestizah said...

Nde kaya tlgang luma nlng mga stocks sa branch n un? nde n nga ko ulit bumili sa mega mall eh. I go for ideal vision instead for freshlook nlng. Khit mahal basta sure safe nmn. Natauhan n kz ako kz mura tlga dba. pero may younger sister sa eo padin and she said mas ok sa sm san lazaro eo lenses. After mo paReplace ung binili mo sa mega mall wag k nlng ulit bibili dun, sa ibang branch k nlng. Bka kz din sa dami ng optical clinic dun bihira nlng merong ngpupunta sa eo dun kya ung ibang stocks luma na thou merong naka-indicate n expiry date?? mmm... o_O

bonnie said...

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Marian Smith said...

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