Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I was so confused what will gloww give...

I was attempt to buy 4box (120capsules), good for 2months! as for the ads indication.

(sorry if i already trashed my other 3boxes and the paperbag). well atleast I still have my last empty box with me, ended up drinking the last capsule just for  tonight. ^_^

...what can i say to the result drinking gloww for 2months straight?


...nothing changed!

some said: they dry up their pimples, making skin glow and radiant, there hair comes shinier, they look much younger, they feel protected under the sun and norished their skin caused by sun damage, helps them sleep better... etc. etc.

...for me: its a waste of money! really! honestly speaking.

look... each capsule cost Php25.70 each and you have to drink 2x daily after meal, this is actually available in any drugstore nationwide.

well, i could say that, much better to drink myra400e than this one!

at myra400e, you can see a better result of having radiant, blooming, smoother, younger skin... giving better result inner and out. ^_^

to give you info:

gloww is not a whitening tablet. so if you want to have a whitter skin this is not what you are looking for because it is a dietary supplement help detoxify skin waste and enhance blood circulation.

why did i use this? because i want to have much younger looking skin and since it help blood circulation... i want to have better sleep due to low blood i have... i was then suffered for insomnia.

as i use gloww... the only good effect this gloww brought to me is that, this makes my vowel regular and whenever i am direct to sunlight, i never feel the heat of direct sunrise, i feel like i am wearing uv and spf protection. ^_^ (thats it!)

before using gloww... i have sort (3zit) of pimple on my head covered in my hair... and it is still there! lol.

(so dont just believe whose saying gloww is the best therapy drying it!)

well i could see that maybe because they spend lots of money and so they want you guys too to spend lots of money just what they did and it was so happened to me... :(  lol. I easily believe on others feedbacks and since i never heard bad result and more on possitive reviews... mukhang sakin mag-uumpisa ung negative feedback sa product, hahaha! well... sorry... I'm just an ordinary person who just wanted to try it out to see the real result it bring... Ayaw ko mag lie sa result, bloggers need to know the real result kya un ang gagawin ko. ^_^

mmm... this is just my own opinion regarding to the product based on my experience. I never said that this would be also the result you can get, but you will never tell unless you tried one to yourself. maybe this product dont worked on me but worked to them. ^_^

how about you? have you tried this products already?

what can you say about the effect? share me yours. ^_^

Have a great day blogwalkers and readers!

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