Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Huggies diaper in Dry Comfort and in Total Protection


Dry Comfort is much absorbent than Total Protection.

Total Protection is much breathdable and much detailed than Dry Comfort. It has 1,2,3 adjustable number and a colorful design.

either way... I like Dry Comfort much, than Total Protection.

I use Total Protection as for day time, while I use Dry Comfort at night and whenever we travel. Dry Comfort is 100% absorbable for heavy flow... thou Total Protection is also absorbable but not as Dry Comfort does. :)

...still I like the both red packagings of huggies than the blue one which is the Dry.

Dry is the softest, more cottony diaper but much thinner among the two.

Huggies diapper is available in all stores nationwide or shall i say worldwide. ^_^



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