Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sophie Martin Jadore (matte) Lipsticks (The 4 nude lippies)

(photos taken from mobile phone with 2mega pixel)

- velvet nude

- caramel sugar

- mango peach

- cotton peach

velvet nude is a nude brown... it looks very natural to lips. if you want to look simple then this is the nice lippy to choose among the 4. good for indoor and for everyday shade to wear. (stay on lips 2-4hrs)

caramel sugar is a nude pink... perfect shade for a rainy season. (stay on lips 4-6hrs)

mango peach is a nude orange... perfect match for summer. (stay on lips 3-4hrs)

cotton peach is a nude red... can be use outdoor, but not great for occassions. the shade reminds me of koshize coral stone shade which is already paste out... that is why im loving this shade. (stay on lips 4-8hrs)


If you have a darker lips and want to make your look natural... dont use velvet nude. use mango peach instead.

If you have 2 toned lips or does have dark lip lines and want to make your lips look natural... u can use velvet nude to tone your lips lively natural looking.

If you have a pinkish lips:

velvet nude will look light brown

mango peach will reflect orange/peach

caramel sugar will be pale pink

cotton peach will look red on you


j'adore lipstick is "MATTE" so if you have a very drying lips... much better to use lipbalms first before putting on some lipsticks. thou it has a moisture touch... it is still matte.



due to long lasting color stay, it isnt obvious that i have a dry lips while wearing the lipsticks. ^_^

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