Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jadore MATTE Lipsticks 8/10 shades i loved to keep! ^_^

why only 8 and not 10?

keep reading my blog and i'll tell you why...

thou i love them all... i still have to choose the best shades for me... for keeps. ^_^

for keeps for me means can be use as my daily or occassionally but not the word itself "keep", hahaha!

i  just dont like the two colors for me... thou ofcourse others like it... you cant blame me for that nor force me to like the two... but atleast i dont hate them... its just that... the two shades left doesnt fit me. maybe not the right shades. wearing the two makes me look too matured. ^_^

Let me show you first my 8 shades and why i like them...

1. red pepper

2. ice pink

3. mango peach

4. velvet nude

5. fantastic red

6. summer pink

7. cotton peach

8. caramel sugar

read my previews post regarding the 4 nude shades the nos. 3, 4, 7 and 8, for more info.


#1 red pepper, its a light red. reflected as red-orange and great to use occassionally. this shade is also same to shade of my koshize rasberry mousse. though i have my koshize with me, i still buy this shade due to low price. koshize is 160 while j'adore is only 79. the only diff is that... koshize have UV. but i love to keep them both. ^_^

#2 ice pink, its a pinkViolet combo and makes me look 3-5yrs younger than my age. ^_^ can even use occassionally.

#5 fantastic red, its a maroon. not too red, not too light but not too dark. it has a mixed color of brown, but still... it reflected red.


#6 summer pink, its a pale pink. makes me feel like a teenager who loves to wear pink, hahaha! ^_^


the two shades i didnt buy is:

- russian red, dark red or deep red

- red wine, redViolet

as i mentioned earlier... whenever i try to wear the two.... both makes me look too matured. x.X

thou i saw others who wearing the both shades and it looks great to them, i'm not attempt to have them still. ;p maybe it works for them to look pretty, but not for me.



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