Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Calpol and Tempra both paracetamol, with same effect but in different brand.

tempra drops have 2flavors: orange and grapes

calpol drops only have 1flavor: orange

tempra syrup has 3: orange, strawberry and grapes

calpol syrup has 2: orange and strawberry

when my son was less than 1yr he prepare calpol drops than tempra drops.

when my son turns 1yr upto now, he much prepare tempra syrup than calpol or tempra drops itself... maybe because tempra drops is much bitter than syrup and calpol has grained powder and he hates taking it anymore though calpol is sweeter than tempra syrup. ^_^

(Note: better to consult a doctor whats right for your baby/s)

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