Friday, October 5, 2012

Hair Care Shampoos

Im done using these stuffs and sad to say that it dont works for me, i still have hair falls and my hair frizz to damage!

I am now using Clean and Clear for a couple of weeks and thinking to try Rejoice Rich when my present shampoo comes empty. Im still observing for some changes will clean and clear may bring, yet i still finding out if it is just same to my other shampoos I have tried... but lets see then... ^_^

head and shoulders does moisture hair make my hair bit shiny but taggle back my hair by afternoon...

Vatika makes my hair bit drying thou it can fix hair  damage i guest coz it does bring back my hair tone maybe because of the aloe vera????

Loreal is good but it do lots of hair fall... :(

Pantene makes my hair strands thin and wavy!

Rate: all 3/5

Please share to me your best shampoo ever... comment me here, thanks. ^_^

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