Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sophie Martin Paris Jadore matte Lipstick (8/10 shades that i love) ^_^

My 8 out of 10 j'adore matte lipstick collection... ^_^
Red Pepper - for LightRed... red as chilli pepper!
Fantastic Red - for reddishBrown or maroon!
Summer Pink - for palePink or LightPink!
Ice Pink - for pinkishViolet or semi purple but pink!
Caramel Sugar - for nude type PinkishBrown!
Cotton Peach - for nude ReddishBrown! (deadstyle effective Oct.6,2012)
Mango Peach - for nude OrangeBrown... light peach!
Velvet Nude - for natural lip tone type... light brown!
Cost: PHP79.00 each
Rate: 5/5
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