Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Excel Paris

Very Longlasting, Unscented, very Matte! and Quick dry!

Its like a oil pastel so I use to call it "Lip Paint" LOL! ^_^

Since it is Matte... expect that it is very lip drying talaga! So better use lip moisturizer before and after applying lipcream on your lips!
...then use a transparent lipgloss for you to appreciate much this lipcream or lippaint. XD

The longlasting effect of this lip paint is amazing!

Take Note!
It doesn't easily erase and cannot remove easily in water...
The best way to remove this lip paint is by using coconut oil or any oil or a lip scrubber. ^_^

This lip cream have 12 shades to collect! EXCEL PARIS 12 shades: 501-Shocking pink (best buyers choice) 502-Fuchsia pink 503-Red Velvet 504-Copper Red (best buyers choice) 505-Wild pink (best buyers choice) 506-Old Rose 507-Bloom pink 508-Pink Violet 509-Hot pink (best buyers choice) 510-Peach orange (best buyers choice) 511-Peachy pink (best buyers choice) 512-Orange (best buyers choice)

To order text/call at:+6325460726 for fast transaction. ^_^

Rate: 4/5
due to NO ingredients indicate XD But in my own opinion... i dont think it have paraben or led because it is not pigmented, it was just like a oilpastel for me or lip paint and nothing to worry about.. and thats one of the reason why i rated this lipcream 4! ^_^

Will I recommend this? YES! Cost: PHP75.00 Dont forget to comment me either positive or negative... Let us know, just share your opinion about these lip creams. ^_^ Have a great day! ^_^

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