Sunday, August 26, 2012

Miss Beauty Liquid Liner

Quick Dry
with soft thin brush
rubberized like everbilena liquidliner
semi-shiny but not too glossy as everbilena liquid liner does.
Can easily remove using oil, removable also to water but only when u bit scrub it.
What I like? its not too shiny as everbilena liquidliner does. The brush is so soft and easy to apply. quick dry and longlasting, it dont break/flakes easily.
Why did i always compare it to everbilena liquidliner? Because they have lots of similarity. ;p and I am a EB liquidliner user before... but now I change. ^_^
Which of the two (2) liquidliner is the Best for me? Miss Beauty is!
Will I recommend this? YES!
Rate: 5/5
Cost: PHP75.00
Dont forget to comment me here to share yours!
Have a great day! ^_^
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