Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sophie Martin Peel-Off Mask Perfect Skin Treatment

sorry i can;t smile, LOL! :))


does smell like your in a derma clinic
you can smell the tea tree oil it has.
very refreshing, it has a menthol feeling
does minimize pimple causing bacteria
very mild and too gentle on skin (face)
good for all skin type
easy to remove.

Cost: Php130.00

Rate: 5/5


Miss sunchine said...

hy i'm just wondring if this mask work really ?? and if he help to remove the black heads ?? i'm juste confiouse to buying it or not ??

Mestizah said...

@miss sunchine - no this mask can't remove blackheads but it does reduce and prevent pimple. This also can help minimize pores. ^_^