Saturday, October 1, 2011

Freshlook contact lenses

Freshlook: GREEN

uuuhhHwwwHH!!! ;p

vampire? green eyes?
yeaaahH! whatever!!! \m/

I love this GREEN!!!
Imagine... even on my wedding day... I wear green contact lenses due to I  believe that this green is one of my lucky color, LOL! >:)

btw, I am 100/100 of vision so don't you ever try calling me snobbish when you see me crossed by infront of you, ehehehe! ;p

I love green and brown (my lucky colors and saviors) ^_^

what I like?
 there's 2 Letters "FL" written on the lens indicating: FreshLook. 
In that case and in that matter I can easily detect whenever and whoever is  my contact lenses are reverse.
very soft.

what I hate?
too big in my eye. 
sinusukat nmn nla size ng eyeballs ko pero ang laki nn ng size! grrrr!
anyhow... I still love it! ^_^

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