Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MY TOP 5 LIPSTICKS as of 2011

My 5 Favorite Shades as of 2011

sophie martin koshize
sophie martin j'adore
ever bilena

only 2 are drying because both are matte: 
sophie martin j'adore and ever bilena

other 2 are moisture:
sophie martin koshize and MAC

the last 1 is not a lipstick but it's a lipgloss:

and because lipgloss is not considered lipstick...
here's my additional lipstick! :D

ever bilena in off-beat pink ^_^

hope you like my post.
now I want you to share yours!
hope to see and hear from you too... your top 5 picks as of 2011!  \m/

tag me if you want. and I'm glad to be tagged by you.

God Bless!

Anne ^_^

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