Thursday, October 13, 2011

Miss Beauty Bath Salt Scrub

Body Scrubber

description and usage...

instruction and usage...

cute lock... flip top

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nice scrubber but I don't like the strong scent.
it does smell like detergent soap or powder "amoy panlaba!" LOL!
♪♫♪♫  laba-dami...  ♫♪♫  laba-ngo...  ♪♫♪♫
thou not too exactly smell like one but it really does smell like... 
"tamang nabalnawan naman na ng downy", LOL!  :))
fighting the scent of my soap.

but no worries... nde nmn kumakapit sa balat ung detergent scent like nya, hahaha! LOL!

actually... I like it! but the scent... no no no! x.X


See this??? 
this is to prove you that I'm using my "upcoming" product!

 I am making a review first before I sell bunch and bunches! ;p

Note: I don't recommend this product for those who have very sensitive smell due to strong scent it gives!

This product is good for all skin type.

Cost: Php120.00

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