Saturday, October 1, 2011

EO contact lenses in henna brown


I always buy this henna brown 'coz I don't want to be called pa-pampam with my officemates, LOL!
It looks natuural kz...
but since I'm no longer in the office... I want to try something new!
something pa-pampam na! charing!!!  :))

I always bought 2pair same color, good for 1year since since my vision is 100/100   x.X
basta pgmakilala nyo ko somewhere pakalat-kalat sa malls...
don't ever tell/say that I am snobbish 'coz I am not!
Just don't hesitate to call/shout my name and I surely smile and go talk with you! ^_^
mmm... just a friendly reminder. ;p

nwyz, whenever I buy 2pair I always come-up with 1 color kz hanggang nde ako ngsasawa
sa kulay nde ako ngpapalit ng color.

(short story): their was a time I bought 2 pair in diff color.
blue and gray

my blue left contact lens lost in mega mall
as in bagong bili ko lng nalaglag n kgad sa mata ko.
then I wear the gray pair...
pauwi nmn ako when my gray right contact lens lost sa taxi... :(
Am I clamsy or just a bad day! bad luck! hmp!!!
Imagine! both lost in a same day! grrrrrr!!!

green and brown are i think my lucks! I mean goodluck... I never lost them ever. :D

I love EO contact lenses, the size just fit my eyeballs.
not too big, not too small... just perfectly fit!

what I hate? masakit sa mata pgnasuot ng baliktad! hmp! ^_^

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