Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Saizen Charcoal Mask

very intriguing mask... deep black due to charcoal ingredient (",)

Anyways... Do we look the same???  x.X

it's getting dry now... I can feel it!
I can't open my mouth nor smile. :D

Rock!!! mmm... let's see if this rocks! :))
ESPALTO sa mukha... remove time na, Joke!  :))

 ...And for the RESULT!

WOW! uuh lah lah!!! o.O

on my pointer nose...

on my left and right nose...

... And even my poor facial hairs???  :'(
my tears fall down while removing the mask... :'(

It feels like... I'm using a cold wax on my whole face, urgh! x.X

this mask does ROCK me too!!! huhuhu! :'(
"na-espalto tuloy face ko... huhuhu!"

I will NEVER forget this mask ever!!! 
this mask dis-virgin my poor facial hairs!!!  really2x hurt!  *toink!*

but... I was amazed that this mask do removed blackheads!
I have a tiny pores and hard for me to remove blackheads thou its not that obvious that I do have some  beside my nose... and this product do remove the ugly mini-tiny-bit-dot-little blackheads of mine, LOL!!!

oh well...
next time I won't use it on my whole face baka maging wolverin ako at kumapal ang facial hair ko, hmp!
I will making it my nose strip instead, ehehehe!!!  >:)

Lots and Lots of stocks???
But why do other said it was always out of stock in the market???  o.O

Ooh well... since it's in cheaper price... 
I'm gonna buy 10pcs! 
eps! eps! eps! not all for me!!!
I will give my 3 siblings and 7 close friends of this and I want to hear from them what they can say about this product. ^_^

see how loaded these charcoal mask??? o.O

well... because this removes my poor facial hair and does fall tears in my eyes (....makes me cry).


Cost: Php85.00


Ainn Adora said...

hye sis... where i can have this mask hemm? they said this chaorcoal mask doesn't have sold in malaysia's true?? here,the price so expensive..huhu y??

Mestizah said...

sis if you have relatives here in Philippines you please them to bought you some instead. the mask is made in korea. maybe the reason why the product is expensive there bcoz Malaysia's costom charged them import/export of products due to strict inspections... and depend on the market too. ^_^ sorry for the late respond... my laptop's motherboard was crashed since september that's why i can't update my blog to post new posts. I'm using mobile now instead of pc, hehe. btw, thanks for dropping by on my review site. if you have questions.. don't hesitate to ask. thanks, god bless and nice to meet you. :)