Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Go Naturals Lip Sugaring Scrub

This intriguing me... if this can smooth my lips from severe dryness.
I check my dashboard for my blogger friends update...
'till i find this product from sis Jez blog new post.
...and yeap! it's me "anne ^_^ " who commented to her post.
and now I  have 3 of this kz bihira ako pumunta sa robinson malls.
thanks to sis Jez for sharing this.

Zoom photo to read directions! :)

mmm... I can taste the sugar... almost near... yummy! LOL!

but I have to wait for minute before I swallow it, JUST KIDDING!!! LOL! >:)
I mean... before scrubbing it with wet washcloth or with my finger.

And for the Result!!! taaaadaaah!!!!

It works for me and I think this may works for you too!!!


Cost: Php50.00
Where: Robinson Malls

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