Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sophie Martin J'adore Lipsticks (Matte)

Mango Peach

look natural... near shade to velvet nude

For my Last but not the least photo...
see below!
 ....this is taken at my mobile phone with 3.2pixel
and it looks very peachy/light orange here, hahaha! cute! >:)

but I don't want to cheat the real color since I'm a seller, I have to be honest all the time.
trust is the only weapon having bunches of buyers/clients!

so... If you seen mango peach looks like this to other bloggers... then maybe their camera or mobile pixel give semi-error detail!
though it does reflect orange but not as light as you see below pix.

original shade shown above photos... 
you better based in there than be sorry and be disappointed of what you ordered and paid for !

BUT As I reviewed... I Love the shade of Mango peach!
I like it and it's in my TOP 5 picks as of this year 2011.
So I don't think you'll hate it! ^_^


Cost: Php79.00

You can order to ME (",)

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Hi sis i love the products you're reviewing everything.anyway, hope you could do a more detailed review next time coz i really want to know more about the products! MORE power sis!