Saturday, October 1, 2011

Everbilena Lipsticks

I was actually searching for a good shade lipsticks and the 1st thing comes in my mind is to search for TOP 5 FAVORITES, LOL! (mautak! i know! ;p)

but ofcourse before making up decision buying the item/s... I have to see it in actual and not just depending on what I've seen on pictures 'coz sometimes camera flashes comes fake from the reality shade (out come!)! so I search thru YOUTUBE! ^_^
(para siguradong-garantisado sa kulay! hihihi!!! segurista! >:) )

I'm a very choosy person in comes to cosmetics... 
I research a lot about the items that interest me most,
atleast 10 negative feedbacks/comments... I won't buy it!
BUT if out of 100 their is only 10 nega... well, I will consider the fact! 

(eh kng sa ganun ung product dba! as long as unbeatable ang positive comments and feedbacks ng items... Go ako jan! buy ko na yan! as simple as that!)

'till I found Ms.Noe's youtube. :D

I watched all her videos... "I think, ALL her videos nga??? na she's wearing this shades lng, LOL!"
most of her videos kz she's wearing the scarlet and off-beat pink for simple days kya that pushes me to buy it both ASAP!

mmm... I just needed it badly din kz... I want to look fabulous in the occasion...
in what event... house blessing lng, hihihi!

I just want to look gorgeous kz kagagaling ko lng din sa panganganak kya mejo irritated p ko sa appearance ko, hehehe! x.X

I don't want to look old, losyang, napabayaan or something... etc. etc.


Thanks to you sis Noe for I find your youtube and I met this/these Matte Lippies! 

mwuah3x! BIG HELP!


A light pink shade that is good to use everyday.

Off-Beat Pink

Just like the old days...
teenage look... LOL!

Off-Beat Pink

A very red shade but does reflect orange "reddish orange?"
I guess??? :D


mmm... shade NO BAD! ^_^
good for occassional \m/
(nagmamaganda lng... hehehe!)


what I LIKE is what the shade cover represent reflects exactly at ease!!!
what I HATE... matte really is drying!

The more colorful shade of a matte lipstick you choose... the more it is pigmented!
This Lippies are unscented and good for those who have sensitive in smell.

Cost: Php145.00
Where: All Malls and also to resellers

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