Thursday, April 24, 2014

OMG!!! something went wrong

My 3 years old son deleted all my photos in my google+ such: blogger photos, uploaded photos, profile photos, etc. I never know that it was connected in my blog and in some of my other websites, i just thought it was only a backUp photos (...yung tamang pangRetrieve lang ng files in purpose) BUT I WAS WRONG! :'(

Ones the photos/albums were deleted in google+ then automatically all your posted photos or shared photos connected websites or applications in that particular email account will also be Deleted. :'(

Sad to know that i cannot retrieve the photos. Hopefully there is other way how to retrieve those, since i didnt delete the photos directly in my websites so hopefully there is other way.

Anyhow, I`ll be posting new reviews.

Thanks to all blog walkers who spend time reading my blog posts and to my lists follower friends and commentors who continiously peeking and reading my posts, hehe. Thank You All!

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