Monday, October 14, 2013

Daily Routine

Mine and My son!


(Head to Toe: others were not included in the picture but I will include the others to complete...) hope you get me, lol! :))

Hair: I use any shampoo brands but right now Im using Palmolive white pearl 2in1 because my dad-inLaw bought too many Palmolive shampoos as pasalubong. (FYI: He is OFW). As for my conditioner: I still dont have permanent brand to use... right now Im using Dove green (for hair fall controll). The last time I used hair wax is from encarnacion, but now Im using bench fix clay mold (hold#5, shine#1). For my gel: i use the old brand "youngs" styling gel yellow and sometimes white. For my hair polish: i use any products made from splash and right now Im using vitress. This one not included in the picture: vitress hair serum oil, im using this serum to coat my hair looks shiny and more healthy. (FYI: My hair comes dry and frizzy due to huge usage of hair colorings every 3-4weeks to maintain the color... right now I toned down my hair color but I guest I doesnt coated equally, lol! So i guest ill wait for another week or couple of week to color my hair again into darker shade... anyways i use revlon hair colours.

Face: myra-e moisturizer, this one not included: everbilena sunblock cream, j&j baby oil everynight and sometimes i use it to remove my makeup, nuskin napca moisturizing mist, nuskin polishing peel monthly, nuskin galvanic spa system-II together with ageloc translucent gels whenever i feel tired and stressed. (The not included items in the pictures: rosebud salve lipbalm, eyemo daily care green whenever my eyes comes dry, mouth wash: i use 3brands listerine, astringOsol and swish), toothaste: colgate sometimes sensodyne and closeUp, toothbrush: colgate and sometimes oral-B brand.

body: right now me and my son both using same brand "j&j" pink and every 2nd of the week we use j&j baby oil as our lotion to maintain proper moisture in the skin... but before, i use lander smoothening and my sons nivea lotion for sensitive skin. This are not included from the picture: our soap is safeguard, panda soap summer blossom from dad-inLaw and j&j baby soap, before was nuskin body bar, liquid & lufra. Tanning: Loreal bronzer lotion every 2 months to maintain semi morena and not pale skin and sometimes the hawaii tropical oil, i use the tanning as all over. Pantyliner: carefree green, napkin: modess nightpad with wings, Razor: gilette) Any lactacyd for my vjj except for the baby liquid soap the other blue label one, lol! :)) wax hair removal from strip it. My deodorant right now is baking baking soda with tawas (i havent include the baking soda in the picture baka sabihin kz nyo naligaw, tipong hanapin ang naiba, lol), before was nuskin scion deo. I stop using scion deo right now due to i want to relax my UA from using deo for years... i want to experience again my way of deodorizing UA in simple and cheapest way... way back from highschool days 1990s+, hihihi! Face and Body powder: pigeon pink and blue, sometimes enfant powder blue and j&j powder in any variant. Our everyday cologne and my son too is Denenes and j&j colognes. For our hands disinfectant and germ killing shield we use alcohol: Biogenic or Casino pink.

(FYI: I stop using LaMer, other nuskin products, body salt scrubs, crabtree&evelyn soap nor cyleina organic soaps and mark&spencer lotions for almost half a year now and Im proud I make it! If before I cant leave without those products... now I can and Im so happy! Aside sa tipid budget, nde p mahirap hanapin sa market).

*My Son*

Head to Toe: j&j no more tears shampoo yellow or violet and sometimes the head to toe no more tears liquid soap. I also use him safeguard... i mixed the safeguard soap with his no more tears liquid soap so that he is whole day protected from bacterias and germs. Lotion: j&j baby in any variant, right now we're using the pink one bought from my inLaw... then every 2nd of the week we use j&j baby oil all over to maintain soft skin and prevent from dryness because sometimes even we use lotion to moisture our skin, the moisturer we get is not that enought to treat our skin softer and smoother thats why we use oil every 2nd of the week. We are also using off-lotion and now giving him the 8hrs mosquito protection and not the 3-4hrs na pra long day protection since pedia said pwede n dw un 8hrs protection wag lng daw ung 24hrs protection kz baka magBurn ung sensitive skin nya. Facial cream: yup! I use him facial cream na! lol! :)) nivea angel star soft souffle, it can actually use for the whole body but since it was so mild and soft... i use the cream as his facial cream instead. For his diaper rashes that I did not include in the picture are vaselline petrollium jelly, savlon ointment cream or bepanthen ointment... I really dont include the anti rashes creams or ointments because we dont use it daily naman... we use it lang pagmeron lang naging rashes. As for his mosquito bites treatment whenever he got bitten, I give him "fluocinonide ointment" aside sa cortisan ointment. This face & body powder: we both use pigeon loose powder in any of the two variant (blue is unscented, pink is scented), & enfant blue. For his tummy to prevent flatus: aceite de manzanilla. His Diapers: magic and huggies pants. Cotton buds: Baby-flo, toothbrush: Dental-B and sometimes Oral-B, Toothpaste: Sansfluo and sometimes colgate kiddie (always strawberry flavor). Daily Cologne: Denenes and J&J any variants. Germ/Bacteria protection alcohol: biogenic and casino pink.

I think thats All!
If ever I forgot something to include pa... I will add it to my comment box nalang po. :)
If you have other questions, you can type down to my comment box and feel free to ask questions.

Have a great day! God Bless! :)
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