Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIY Facial Scrub

I did this 2-3x a week but this is also good whenever you want to do it everyday.

this helps skin moisturized, rejuvinate, exfoliate, relax, smooth and soften the skin.

others add half teasepoon of lemon juice or calamansi juice to heal pimples and reduce minor scars.

others replace the cornstarch to baking soda to brighten skin.

dont try mixing baking soda and lemon juice cause that may damage your skin due to high content acid it produce.

dont use lemon juice/calamansi juice or baking soda to broken skin or wounds otherwise your beauty remidee will come to worst!

How to use?
clean your face with your regular soap using a warm water.
make sure your face is clean and dry.
mix the half bag of green tea, 1table spoon of honey, half spoon of constarch and half spoon of sugar in a clean cup.
use a clean brush like applicator brush if u have any, but its optional! you can use your clean hands if you want and apply it all over your face.
gently scrub it to your face for a minute, then leave it for another minute.
(dont leave it too long to your face because when its dries its kindda bit hard to washed out).
wash your face with lukewarm water.
(no need to use soap, but again... its optional).

Hope my DIY helps.
God Bless and Have great day!

Ann ^_^

Dont forget to comment me your rate whenever you tried this. 5 is highest rate. thanks!

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